Stopping Bank Robberies And Shipping Pirates

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What do Bank Robbers and Pirates have in common?Yesterday, I stumbled across an article relating the increase in pirate attacks on shipping companies to the increase in bank robberies. The article, titled “The Robbery Business” was published on and the author was questioning why more banks aren’t taking extra steps, like installing bulletproof glass, to protect themselves against bank robberies.

The author stated, “‘Why wouldn’t shipping companies do more to protect themselves against Somali pirates?’ [ . . . ] it was cheaper for the companies to pay the ransom than to take precautions against kidnapping.” He went on to say, however, that just as the pirates will keep pirating, bank robberies will continue to occur until banks do something to prevent them.

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The shipping companies may not be taking precautions to protect against pirates, but some wealthy yacht owners certainly are. As fears rise over the potential for pirate attacks, “hidden chambers, escape pods, tracking devices and ex-marines employed as security guards have all risen in popularity.”

Read the full article on how “Wealthy Arm Their Yachts with Military-Level Security” by Anouk Lorie,


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