The Linda Hall Library in KC Protects Rare Books with Bulletproof Glass

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We don’t often think of libraries as a place to find bulletproof glass, but for those that house historic, rare titles, keeping the priceless tomes safe is a priority.

The Linda Hall Library in Kansas City uses bulletproof glass to protect its collection of 10,000 rare books, including some as old as the 1470s.

Photo by Jennifer Wetzel, Kansas City Free Press

Bulletproof glass keeps rare books safe at the Linda Hall Library

In a recent article from the Kansas City Free Press, Emily Ghertner reported: “The biggest “wow” factor at the Linda Hall Library is probably its History of Science Collection, which includes the Rare Book Room, home to first-edition works by the likes of Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton, as well as some of Einstein’s first publications. Inside the temperature-controlled, bulletproof glass encased vault, are printed books dating from the 15th century-19th century on a variety of topics from zoology and botany to physics and mathematics. There are landmark works by Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, Copernicus, and a copy of Galileo’s The Starry Messenger (Sidereus Nuncius), first printed in 1610 with the first published images of the moon as an imperfect body. The spines of old books bare such exotic titles as A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, Natural Magick, and Harmonica Macrocosmica.”

Pretty amazing collection, kept safe by bulletproof glass!

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