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Bullet Resistant Barrier Systems: Balancing Cost and Value

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bulletproof barrierIt’s tempting to be secretive about your budget. We’ve all been in situations where a salesman seems to be intent on driving the price up, and it’s natural to be concerned about overpaying for a product or service. But when it comes to a custom bullet proof barrier system, being candid about your budget early on is vital to getting the system you need at a price you can afford.

Bob George, Sales Manager for Total Security Solutions, is pleased to work for a company where his clients can be candid about their budgets. “We’re not here trying to up-sell people,” Bob George says. “I’m proud of our approach because we are focused on getting the client what they need.” Total Security Solutions’ number one goal is to be a trusted partner in finding solutions that balance usability, aesthetics, and cost for their clients.

Balancing Usability, Aesthetics, and Cost

Whether you’re buying a car or a suit or a bullet resistant barrier system, your budget is a defining reality. This can make for tough decisions.

Fortunately, you’re not stuck buying your bullet proof barrier system off the lot. Like a custom suit, a custom ballistic barrier is tailored to fit not just your needs, but also your budget.  Just as a tailor can keep costs down by using more affordable fabrics or a simpler cut, a good bullet proof company can find ways to “nip and tuck” an installation so that it gets the job done without breaking the bank.

“We want people to be safe,” Bob George explains, “but we also want to make it affordable. I don’t want to waste anybody’s time–mine, or a customer’s–on something they can’t afford. So, establishing a budget up front is always really important.”

Do the Math Before You Make a Call

The best way for you to be confident that you’re getting a fair deal is to do a little homework in advance. Take a few minutes to assess what you want out of your security system, and then take some quick measurements. In the following video Total Security Solutions sales manager Bob George runs through one way you can make a ballpark estimate of what a bullet resistant barrier system might cost for your facility:

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