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Bulletproof Glass Barriers For Banks – An Introduction

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Bank bulletproof glassIt’s pretty apparent why banks are a big target for crime. There is a perception with criminals that it’s a quick and easy way to score some money. Typically, tellers are told to cooperate, which puts the robber in a position of power. What robbers don’t know is that a majority of all people who commit a bank robbery are caught the same day, and according to the FBI, bank robbery crimes have the highest clearance rate. Even with the odds stacked against them, the allure and perception of a quick, easy score is hard to pass up for some criminals.
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Keeping Banks Safe With Bulletproof Glass

As bank managers or security officers, what can you do to help deter this type of criminal activity? Work with a bulletproof glass company to design, manufacture, and Install a bullet resistant barrier system for the bank teller line area. The presence of bulletproof glass is an immediate crime deterrent. While some may think a barrier detracts from business or customer interaction, if designed by an experienced bulletproof glass professional, you will have a bullet resistant barrier that keeps employees safe, is completely functional, and is aesthetically pleasing. There’s no need for you to have a barrier that doesn’t flow with the existing aesthetic inside the bank. That’s why a custom solution is your best bet. In fact, not having a bullet resistant barrier will actually increase your chance of bank robbery, according to Tony Brissette of Brissette Consulting Services:

Brissette said he’s also noticed a trend in the past five years in which banks, especially those in the suburbs, have been doing away with bullet resistant glass at teller stations. That makes them easier marks, he said.

To help understand what goes into the planning, production, and installation of a bulletproof glass barrier for banks and other financial institutions, Total Security Solutions has created a new eBook called Banking Barrier Systems – A Primer For Architects. If you’re not an architect, don’t worry. This eBook is filled with great information that will benefit anyone who wants to gain more knowledge about how to protect banks with bulletproof glass.

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