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Bulletproof Glass Frequently Asked Questions

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The bulletproof glass experts at Total Security Solutions have answered numerous Bulletproof Glass FAQquestions about bulletproof glass throughout their 30 years of combined industry experience. During that time, there are a few questions that always seem to bubble up to the top when speaking with customers about their security needs. When thinking about those frequently asked questions, we realized they were questions that everyone should know about bulletproof glass.

To make sure everyone has access to the answers to these key questions, we created a two-page FAQ document that you can download and print out for your reference. It’s a helpful resource for anyone who needs a quick answer, or something to pass on to someone who might not know much about bulletproof glass.

Some of the questions covered in our FAQ…

  • Is bulletproof glass actually 100% bulletproof?

  • How do I clean my bulletproof glass? (Here’s a hint: Don’t use WINDEX)

  • What does the UL Rating mean?

  • Why do I need bulletproof glass?

We even have a questions focusing on architects and individuals involved with school security. Keep in mind, this FAQ document is meant to give you a quick overview of bulletproof glass. If you have more specific or detailed questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our bulletproof security experts today!


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