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Bulletproof Glass in the News – Solar Powered Roads

Bullet Proof Glass, Bullet Resistant Materials

When we usually write about bulletproof glass, it’s to talk about how it can be used to improve the safety of a building that employees and customers use on a daily basis. Whether it’s to protect employees from violent crime, or assisting with the fortification of a building in a hurricane zone, our bulletproof glass barriers are made with a specific purpose in mind – safety and security. As a manufacturer of bullet resistant barrier systems,we like to stay aware of advancements in the industry.

Laminated Glass Used as RoadOne thing we came across this week that we thought was really interesting is about using bulletproof glass for roads. A group named the Solar Roadways Project is currently working on a crowd-funding campaign for the manufacturing of solar powered roads using a tempered and laminated glass – which is very similar to bulletproof glass. This glass would act as the protective layer between the vehicles and the solar panels and circuitry involved with storing and harnessing the power generated. Solar Roadways founder Scott Brusaw has indicated that the glass he’s using will be able to withstand being driven over by a 250,000 pound logging truck! This could revolutionize how glass is perceived and used in our country. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this development!

The History of Bulletproof Glass

Did you know bulletproof glass was discovered by accident? It’s true. The story of bulletproof glass and how it’s evolved over the years is quite fascinating. If it weren’t for the improperly cleaned beaker that French Chemist Edouard Benedictus dropped in 1903, innovative uses for glass like what Scott Brusaw is working on might not exist!

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Bulletproof Glass History