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Bulletproof Glass Project Planning Logistics Information

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A majority of our project planning process is used to work with our customers on their security needs and developing a custom system that will keep their employees, customers, and people using their buildings safe and secure. With all of that going on, it’s easy to get caught up in the design element of the process and forget about other things we need to plan in order for us to successfully move your project from planning to production. While not as fun as planning the actual system, planning logistics are just as critical to your overall project and can cause delays if not discussed properly.

TSS Project Process Diagram

Planning Logistics Items That Need To Be Completed Before Production

Before production begins on your barrier system, there are a few logistics items that need to happen to close out the planning phase and transition over to production.

  • We require a 50% deposit (or full payment if you prefer) before your job is added to the production queue.

  • We need signed and dated approval on all specs, change orders, and project plans. These signatures need to be on the actual documents. An email that says approved is not enough, especially if you have a job that requires a change to the spec sheets.

A Quick Note On Change Orders

In an ideal world, your project can go directly from planning to production. That isn’t always the case though. That’s why understanding what types of things can cause a change order on security barrier projects will help the logistic planning portion of your barrier project and assist in avoiding project timeline delays.

Reasons For Change Orders

  • Missing Shipping Addresses on approval documentation and drawings

  • Missing Ballistic Door functionality information

  • Not realizing your system will arrive in big heavy boxes that require a semi-truck and a forklift to deliver. NOTE: If this is a problem, we need to know up front in the planning phase so we can make different shipping arrangements.

  • Not having approval on every aspect of the approval drawing. NOTE: Some drawings have multiple options that you need to sign off on.

Next Steps

Ballistic Door Checklist