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Bulletproof Glass Project Planning, Production, and Installation Logistics

Bullet Proof Glass, Bullet Resistant Barriers

Incorporating bulletproof glass into any facility is a sizable investment. If implemented correctly, bulletproof glass will last a long time (unless it is comprised by a projectile, which isn’t the case 99% of the time). Because of this, the industry experts at Total Security Solutions recommends following their 3-staged proven process for the manufacturing of bulletproof glass barrier systems. Through the years, they have developed a process that incorporates planning, production, and installation. Following their process helps reduce overall project lead time, overall cost, and any potential delays.

Bulletproof Glass Project Logistics

If you were to ask any of the staff members at Total Security Solutions, they would say one of the most important logistics for a bulletproof glass project is to “measure twice and cut once.” Bulletproof glass requires precise measurements and cuts so as not to jeopardize the safety of the people behind the finished barrier system.

Planning Logistics

Along with ensuring accurate field measurements for the space where the bullet proof glass barrier will be installed, you’ll also want to make sure to provide site photos, blueprints, and any other planning documents you might have. This will help the TSS Design Engineers develop a custom barrier system for your facility.

Production Logistics

tss production processOnce the design is completed and approved, the Total Security System manufacturing team typically takes 3 – 4 weeks to turnaround the finished components for your barrier system. While they work on this, you’ll want to work on setting up the following:

  • Job Site Point of Contact
  • Making Overnight Installation Arrangements
  • Preparations for Barrier Component Receiving (which includes preparing the job site and clearing any obstructions)

Installation Logistics

Bulletproof Glass InstallationBulletproof glass and barrier components are heavy. That means you need to be prepared to accommodate them in terms of safety and handling. This can be accomplished by working in teams, using the right equipment, setting up a safety perimeter, and being mindful of the space around you. Aside from the practical and safety considerations, you’ll also want to think about disrupting the flow of business. You don’t want to disrupt your customer’s experience, which is why Total Security Solutions recommends installing overnight and on weekends.

New Bulletproof Glass Project eBook

The planning, production, and installation logistics mentioned above are just some considerations that are needed when working on a project that includes bulletproof glass. To help keep everything straight in one handy resource, we now have a free eBook that focuses on the three stages of our proven process for successful bulletproof glass projects. You can download it here.

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