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Incorporating Rated Bulletproof Frames Into Bullet Resistant Barrier Design

Bullet Resistant Barriers, Bullet Resistant Materials

aluminum bulletproof frameWhen designing a bullet resistant barrier system for a customer, do you think about the additional support elements and accessories that are needed? If you’re not familiar with bulletproof glass and other bullet resistant materials, it’s easy to leave important barrier elements out of your overall design. The staff at Total Security Solutions is always willing to lend a hand and offer design advice on any barrier project.

Considerations for Bulletproof Glass Barrier Design

There are several factors that play into which components are necessary for your barrier design. For instance, before working on specs, it’s important to ask yourself questions such as:

  • What type of business is the barrier being designed for?
  • Will the barrier have a functional aspect for customer interactions?
  • Is the barrier for one point of contact, or multiple terminals?
  • Are you concerned with the overall aesthetics of the barrier and incorporating it seamlessly within existing structural elements?

Your answers to the questions above will determine the UL rating needed for your bulletproof glass. If you determine that your barrier will require glass with a UL Rating of 3 or higher, we strongly recommend incorporating rated bullet resistant framing as well. Sure, 99% of the time the barriers we manufacture and install aren’t put in a compromising situation, but is it worth betting on that 1% chance for short-term savings? When thinking about the longevity of a well-cared for barrier, the additional cost for rated frames is a small drop in the bucket.

TSS Frames eBook CoverUnderstanding Bullet Resistant Frame Options

To help you understand all of our frame options, we have created a comprehensive guide that will help you make the right frame decision for your project. The guide focuses on our aluminum frames, but also provides information about additional framing options in case the interiors you’re trying to incorporate your barrier with don’t match with our standard aluminum frames. You can download our guide, Understanding Bullet Resistant Frames, using this link.

Why Bullet Resistant Aluminum?

We pride ourselves in the quality of our aluminum frames. Aluminum is a more versatile material to use and can be seamlessly incorporated into existing structural elements. If you’re looking for a frame that is equal parts safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, you can’t go wrong with our rated aluminum frames. Another selling point for aluminum is that when compared to the other materials we use for bullet resistant barriers, aluminum typically has a lower cost per square foot and is readily available, which helps with overall project budget and timelines.

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