Any distance between the sales person and customer means lost sales, especially with luxury goods. An inch-thick slab of solid acrylic can be disastrous for your bottom line, but the absence of that level of security can be disastrous for staff.

High end jewelry shops–those dealing in quality gems and custom work–are predominately family-run businesses, and thus acutely aware of the importance of bulletproof security: Everything in the display cases is insured, but a stray bullet from a nervous robber could be tragic. Security is vital, but the industrial look of traditional bullet resistant systems detracts form the shop’s comfortable elegance and unnerves customers–both of which hurt sales.


To the customer, security must be an after-thought; to the family shopkeeper, it’s first and foremost. For high-end jewelers, the solution is to avoid bulletproofing within the shop itself, and instead secure the exterior and control access. Exterior polycarbonate display windows are indistinguishable from glass, but will catch a shotgun blast or .44 Magnum bullet without complaint. Transparent bulletproof doors can be fabricated from ballistic glass, and mounted in bullet resistant frames with both standard bolt locks and emergency magnetic locking systems. Customers pass through these doors without thinking twice, but the staff can seal them against onrushing thieves or vandals. Or staff might elect to buzz each patron in as a matter of course; in either case, the customer can stroll in and shop without thinking twice about the system, all the while enveloped in bulletproof security. Learn more about our past work on jeweler projects.