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Kevlar Sheets: Bullet Resistant Components vs. Bullet Resistant Systems

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Bullet Proof Glass DesignIt might sound like something from a spy thriller, but it’s really not that strange for contractors and builders to order a stack of bullet resistant DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber sheets. Bank projects, 24-hour convenience stores and gas stations, utility offices, and schools all increasingly demand enhanced security, including ballistically hardened walls, doors, and counters. Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards notes, “We sell quite a bit of Kevlar fiberglass sheets of to dry wall suppliers, contractors, and so on.”

But not every job can be handled with a stack of Kevlar sheets and a box of screws. When the installation is tricky, or the project is complex, it is important to utilize a custom bullet proof barrier expert to help you through the bidding and installation process.

Fast Facts on Kevlar Sheets

  • About 90% of the Kevlar sheets sold by Total Security Solutions are 1/4″ to 1/2″ thick.
  • Kevlar sheets up to 1/2″ thick stop a variety of handgun rounds, and are used in Level 1 through 3 ballistic installations (the most common commercial-grade ballistic barrier systems).
  • These consumer-grade Kevlar sheets can be easily worked on-site with a jigsaw, electric drill, and other hand tools for simple applications.
  • Need more complicated cuts and notches? Complex, reproducible precision cuts can be made with a CNC waterjet cutter prior to shipment to the job site.
  • Thicker Kevlar sheets are available–such as 1 1/4″ Level 4 Kevlar sheets. These are mostly used in military or high-priority government systems, and rarely seen in consumer-grade installations. They cannot be worked with hand tools, and must be cut to form prior to shipping, in a manner similar to ballistic polycarbonate or steel.

Kevlar Sheets vs. Bullet Proof System

A bullet resistant barrier system isn’t about just adding bullet resistant windows and lining walls with Kevlar sheets. It’s a system, a set of integrated components that work together in a tested and verified way to assure facility owners that they’ll be safe if disaster strikes. In general, a system has six components:

This four-minute video covers all the basics of bullet resistant barriers:

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