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Lego Batmobile Equipped with High-Tech Security Features

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The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) kicked off in Detroit, Michigan this past weekend with a few non-traditional exhibits sure to get the younger crowds excited. To promote its new movie, Cars 3, set to release in June, Disney is displaying a life-size model of Lightning McQueen, but that’s not all. Also on hand is a full-size Batmobile, made entirely of Legos. It is modeled after the vehicle featured in the upcoming Lego® Batman Movie, which opens in February. Nearly 17 feet long, the Lego® Batmobile was built by students in the local Detroit community, as well as student outreach organizations A World in Motion and First Lego League.

Make or Break Project
While the vehicle on display is truly only made of Legos, Chevrolet has gone as far as creating a detailed spec site similar to what it would develop for a real car and has included “driver-centric bulletproof glass” as one of its safety measures. It also features high-tensile, projectile-proof armored side panels and “batwing” flight capability. Unfortunately, there are no plans for Chevrolet to ever truly release a Batmobile, but Batman fans can already replicate some of the safety armor of their beloved hero.

Going Batman with Kevlar®

DuPont™ KevlarBatman with Kevlar®, a high-strength synthetic fiber, has long been attributed for the high-tensile protective properties of Batman’s equipment. And while some of his armor is pure pulp fiction (a Kevlar cape won’t stop bullets any better than a shower curtain), many of Batman’s gadgets are a lot closer to reality than you might realize. In fact, with the right Kevlar materials, you could build an approximation of a Batsuit, a Bat Cave or even your own Batmobile.

Kevlar® is used for its durability and heat resistance on a wide variety of real-world applications, from athletic safety gear to building construction to body armor. Even the U.S. military uses it in their combat equipment. If you want to learn more about Going Batman with Kevlar®, download our free infographic, which highlights actual Kevlar products that provide Batman-like protection in the real world. These products are widely available and easy to purchase. And if you happen to be in the Detroit area, the auto show will be open to the public through Sunday, January 22. The Lego® Batmobile is an engineering marvel.

Note: We don’t recommend pursuing a career in vigilante crime-fighting. Even with Kevlar applications, you don’t get the protection Batman has. And it’s just not a good idea.

Batman is owned and licensed by DC Comics™.

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