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New Michigan Legislation Looks to Protect Convenience Store Workers

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Bulletproof GlassThis week, Michigan State Representative Collene Lamonte entered Jessica’s Law into State Legislation as a bill. This proposed law is intended to increase the security and safety of late night convenience store employees after the April 2013 disappearance of Jessica Heeringa from her late night convenience store shift. This proposed bill is seeking to increase convenience store security measures making it a requirement for stores to have security cameras (the store Jessica disappeared from did not), as well as having multiple employees working through the night.

Total Security Solutions applauds Representative Lamonte for introducing Jessica’s Law. Security Cameras are a very important aspect of a comprehensive security plan for convenience store employees. Due to the nature of the business and the fact that convenience stores are typically open 24 hours, they need a flexible security plan to accommodate the varying flows of traffic.

Aside from the addition of security cameras, we recommend the following to increase security in 24 hour convenience stores

3 Additional Elements to Convenience Store Security

Bullet Resistant Barrier
We recommend either a Horizontal or Vertical Slider System, which allows for quality customer interactions with varying levels of protection as security needs ramp up throughout the evening.

Cash Management System
If you have a Cash Management System in place and advertised, potential criminals will know that their efforts will be for naught as they won’t get the score they anticipate. If you work for a corporate convenience store chain, this will also help your colleagues as the perception is if one store is protected, they all will be. This goes both ways though, if a store that doesn’t have a system in place get robbed, it could endanger your colleagues.

While this sounds obvious, you need to make sure to train your employees in case they’re in a situation involving a threat or crisis situation. Training needs to be consistent and up-to-date for new hires and retraining situation.

Working on these key elements will help create a safe and comprehensive security plan for employees and customers alike. If you’d like to get more information about creating a comprehensive security plan or how Total Security Solutions can help you design a bullet resistant barrier that not only keeps everyone safe, but is functional and aesthetically pleasing, feel free to contact us.

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