The History of Bulletproof Glass


Winter is a popular time to take a tropical getaway and enjoy a white sandy beach. What you may not know is that common beach sand is actually the primary ingredient in the creation of glass. It’s also the start of the history of the glass timeline that takes us …

Banks and Bulletproof Glass in 2022


According to Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards, 2022 is looking a little different for bulletproof glass and security within banks.  “Some things are the same,” Jim notes. “We continue to see areas of population growth also being areas where there is a higher demand for bank security. But there …

Retail Storefront Security Systems, Services, and Trends

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Violent crime continues its unexpected surge, with implications for retail security throughout the United States in 2022. The website FiveThirtyEight (which is dedicated to advancing public knowledge by aggregating and analyzing political/social issue polling and other publicly available data) reported late last year that violent crime is up in the …

How is Bulletproof Glass Made?

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Although people flip-flop interchangeably between the phrases “bulletproof glass” and “bullet-resistant glass,” they tend to be talking about the same thing: Bullet-resistant windows are primarily made of extremely durable, optically clear plastic. In the security industry, we say “bullet-resistant,” because there really is no such thing as truly “bulletproof” window …

The Benefits of Ballistic Polycarbonate

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On a weekly basis, we see lives and property lost, not just to bombs and bullets, but also to raging wildfires, super-storms, and civil unrest. Good security doesn’t mean reacting to the last terrible event in the news and preparing to stop that specific threat. Total security focuses on training …

[VIDEO] How to Stop a Bullet: A Ballistic Systems Approach


No single ballistic item provides adequate protection on its own. A systems approach is the best way to protect your people and property. In this video, we will take a look at common areas of a building where bullet-resistant systems are used.