How to Protect Bulletproof Barriers with Kynar® Coating

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Aluminum is one of the most common materials used to fabricate ballistic doors and frames. It’s lightweight, durable, and can be rated to withstand ballistic attacks. During the manufacturing process, raw aluminum will often receive an anodized or powder coat finish to create an ideal aesthetic look and help protect …

Bulletproof Windows for Municipalities

Bulletproof Windows for Municipalities: What Are Our Options?

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An increasing number of cities and local governments are adding bulletproof windows. They are choosing to reinforce their reception areas, bill payment centers, county clerks and utility offices. This is a trend Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards has tracked for decades. “Over the last several years we haven’t really …

[VIDEO] Live-Fire Product Demonstration – Government Facilities


In this webinar we discuss best practices for enhancing security within government facilities and show a live-fire product demonstration on our Level 3 rated LP1250 BR glazing and ballistic fiberglass. Learn more about government security here:

Bulletproof Glass Door

Bulletproof Glass Doors for Modern Offices

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“Frameless” all-glass doors are broad and inviting, making them practically the standard for modern offices. Despite these developments in interior design, startlingly few bulletproof doors meet current aesthetic demands while still providing significant safety. In fact, it wasn’t until the last few years that “frameless” bullet-resistant doors were available on …

[VIDEO] Live-Fire Product Demonstration – Corporate Offices


Our Total Security Solutions experts talk about the best practices for corporate offices and distribution facilities and see a live-fire product demonstration with a piece of level 3 glazing, laminated polycarbonate acrylic. Learn more about security solutions for corporate offices here: