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Security Level, Functionality and Aesthetics of a Bulletproof Barrier

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When it comes to bulletproof barriers, Total Security Solutions recognizes there is no “one size fits all” solution. As an architect or designer working on a project that incorporates a bulletproof barrier, it’s important to consider three aspects: security, functionality and aesthetics.

Understanding Your Bulletproof Barrier Security Level Needs

Security levels for bullet-resistant systems have been established by UL (Underwriters Laboratory), the primary testing organization for materials used in these systems. Each level has been tested and found effective at stopping certain types of projectiles, ones most typically employed during an armed robbery. While ratings extend to Level 8, the needs of most banks, credit unions, and convenience stores are well covered in Levels 1-3. Our knowledgeable sales staff can help evaluate and make a recommendation on your security level needs.

Functionality of a Bulletproof Barrier

When incorporating a bulletproof barrier into a facility, it’s essential to consider the type of transaction that will take place at the barrier. Selecting an appropriate communication device to enable employee and customer interaction is critical or both parties will become frustrated with having to yell.

In a ticket window situation, the incorporation of a currency tray should suffice to pass money and tickets back and forth. In a convenience store or pharmacy situation where merchandise is passed back and forth, however, you may require a deeper currency tray, a package passer or pass-thru drawer.

Bulletproof BarrierAesthetics of a Bulletproof Barrier

While the safety of employees and customers is of utmost importance, a ballistic barrier doesn’t have to scream “bullet-resistant!” If that’s what you want, we can do it quite well, but what sets TSS apart is our ability to integrate aluminum, acrylic, polycarbonate, fiberglass, plastic laminate, and hand-crafted wood into a security system that looks as if it belongs in a space. Staff and customers will feel safe, comfortable, and right at home.

A well-designed bulletproof barrier ensures the safety of employees and customers while seamlessly integrating into a facility. It should not inhibit the ability of employees to do their job. Total Security Solutions offers a broad array of options with which to create a secure, functional interface between staff and patrons at the counter level and above.

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