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Total Security Solutions Teams with Government Contractors

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California Water District StocktonGovernment construction contracts are big jobs with lots of trades involved: electricians, plumbers, teams of carpenters and roofers, and more.  In the scope of such a huge job, the bullet resistant portion is likely fairly small–just a couple entryways, maybe a reception area or some exterior windows.  But these government jobs are more complicated than common retail installations.  They tend to use higher-security materials, often call for more customization, and are always held to higher standards.  Total Security Solutions has decades of experience designing high-level bullet resistant barrier systems, and a strong track record designing, engineering, fabricating, and installing these barriers in schools, hospitals, municipal offices, and other public facilities.

Government Contractors Like Working with Total Security Solutions

Total Security Solutions is no newbie to doing bulletproof work for government contractors.  As Jim Richards, CEO of Total Security Solutions, explains, “We’re typically just one aspect or one small portion of a big government project.  Our role, as we see it, is to do what we do best so that when it all comes together in the end, that federal contractor looks really good.”

From bulletproof glass fabrication, to customization, to installation, Total Security Solutions has the trained staff and specialized tools to handle the higher security needs required by construction for local, state, and federal governments.  Total Security Solutions has made extensive investments in highly skilled tradesman and the most advanced computer-controlled lathes, cutters, and industrial presses.  “When it comes to commercial bullet proofing, we’ve driven a lot of tech into this industry,” Jim explains.  “This is still a pretty old line industry. You’d be amazed how much is still done by hand. It’s just not as sophisticated as people tend to think, because they assume this has to be sophisticated to stop a bullet.”

This means Total Security Solutions can easily handle some of the toughest ballistic laminates on the market, like UL-rated Level 8 glass-clad polycarbonate (GCP), which is over two inches thick and comprised of eleven layers of glass, urethane, and mar-resistant polycarbonate.  Government jobs are some of the few that call for GCP, and not many bulletproof glass companies have the equipment and expertise to fabricate it with precision.

For years Total Security Solutions has worked closely with US Armor LLC, an industry leader in bullet proof and laminated glass.  US Armor routinely provides bullet resistant materials for government construction, armored vehicles, and military projects.  Their products protect heads of state, major business leaders, and even the Pope, which speaks to the quality and reputation of their materials.

The bulletproof work that Total Security Solutions has performed under contract for the federal government includes reception areas and small offices for the General Services Administration.  Total Security Solutions has also done high-level interior and exterior bulletproof glass and bullet-resistant barrier fabrication and installation for US Citizenship and Immigration Services sites along both the Canadian and Mexican borders.  Such jobs include checkpoints and small buildings, and require heavy-duty materials that are UL-rated Level 4 and higher.

Partnering with Total Security Solutions for Federal Construction Contracts

Because federal construction contracts often call for both multi-piece systems and higher-level ballistic materials, Total Security Solutions is especially sensitive to the need for precision during fabrication. Slight variances–in ceiling height, counter alignment, or a million other seemingly trivial details–add up.  A piece cut assuming that a counter is level or window is perfectly square likely won’t fit once it’s on site, and tolerance stack-ups can complicate this even further

But Total Security Solutions has seen it all, dealt with it, and put processes in place to be sure that each piece meshes with the overall system for a flawless fit and finish.  These advanced engineering and fabrication processes assure that tolerance stack-ups won’t create  installation problems at the eleventh hour. Total Security Solutions-designed and -engineered systems can be installed by our team, or by your own workers (with guidance and support from our trained staff, if needed).

“You’ve got to be on your game when you’re working with the government.”  Jim points out.  Many bullet proof companies have trouble rising to these rigorous demands.  Total Security Solutions does not.  “After all these years, we don’t seem to struggle too much with it.”

Total Security Solutions looks forward to helping federal construction contracts meet the challenges–and exceed the high expectations–that come with building for the U.S. government.


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