San Francisco Passport Center featuring bulletproof glass arch windows

When to Replace Bulletproof Glass?

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Bulletproof glass is a serious consideration for any business or facility, and it is also a long-term investment. After the initial installation, your bulletproof glass should last for many years. In general, there are only four reasons you would need to replace ballistic glass.  Let’s take a look. Bulletproof Glass Replacement After Building Renovation If your building is being renovated, for …

Bulletproof School Entryway in school building featuring modern styling

When is the Right Time to Install Bullet Proof Glass?

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In the days following the civil massacre at a country music festival outside Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay hotel, someone casually asked Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards: “Are you guys calling all the hotels in Las Vegas?” Jim’s answer was to the point: “No.” Why?  “That’s not the right thing to do.”   Working With Experienced Bulletproof Glass Experts  As …

The best bulletproof glass for cell phone stores is likely Level 1 UL-rated bulletproof glass.

Best Bullet Proof Glass for Cell Phone Stores

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In the last few years there have been many viral videos of cell phone store armed robberies. They range from the classically stupid to downright terrifying. It has left many store owners asking: what is the best bulletproof glass for cell phone stores? Before we answer that, let’s take a look at these widely shared videos that show the many …

Winnie-the-Pooh on protected display with Tigger, Kanga and Piglet at the New York Public Library

Weird Places Bulletproof Glass is Protecting People, Art and Landmarks

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Police stations. Banks. Convenience stores. 24-hour gas stations. Pawn shops. These are places where you might expect to find bulletproof glass. As matter of fact, you might just find one of our own bulletproof barrier systems installed in one of these places. What you might not know is that bulletproof glass is currently protecting priceless works of art, national treasures, …

Glaziers had Bulletproof Glass Installed on Client project

Preparing Glaziers To Work With Bulletproof Glass

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Glaziers are often a little reluctant to pick up that first bullet proof security job.  The stakes are high, the materials are expensive, and the challenges are unknown. Total Security Solutions has helped many glaziers work with bulletproof glass. Let’s start with three basic concepts that are important to know: It’s Not Glass and It’s Not Bullet Proof: Given enough bullets and …

Bullet Resistant Glass Installation Tips for Contractors

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As Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards recently explained, “90% of the contractors we work with, they’ve never done it [installed a bullet resistant barrier] before.”  That’s why TSS offers robust support to contractors: so that even your first installation goes as smoothly as if you’ve done it dozens of times. Tip #1: Phone First All TSS bullet resistant systems ship …

City Police Station in Canberra

Intro to Bullet Resistant Barriers for Government Projects

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Today, almost all “bullet proof glass” is made from solid or layered plastics (usually acrylic for lower-level installation, and layers of laminated polycarbonate and glass for situations requiring protection from blasts or higher calibers). Although some care has to be shown in cleaning these plastics, the advantages offered by modern thermoplastics—which transmit light better than comparable bullet-resistant glass products, are highly durable, and cost much less to fabricate and install—make it a clear winner for almost all government installation.

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Not Everyone Needs Protection from an AK-47

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“People end up with this impression that every crime in this country is committed with an assault rifle. Throughout 2015 the big news items included several major public shootings, a lot of protests, and big terrorist attacks in France and elsewhere. In the last six months we’ve seen a significant increase in people looking to go past the standard Level 3 barrier systems, asking for Level 4, 5, 6, and 7 protection. That’s a significant expense—and in every case so far, totally uncalled for.”