Our Bulletproof Storefront and Point of Sale Projects


Functional, Elegant, Bulletproof Retail Storefronts and Point of Sale Transaction Lines

Retail storefronts have long been a target for criminal behavior. The earliest iterations of bulletproof barriers for retail locations like gas stations, pawn shops, and corner stores were cumbersome to work with and did not make the retail spaces feel inviting.

At TSS, we believe safety and aesthetics can—and should—coexist. Our bulletproof retail storefront projects blend the safety features you need with the aesthetic details you deserve to create an effective barrier system.

Project Highlight: Bulletproof Gas Station Barrier Protects Workers, Budget, and Aesthetics


A chain of gas stations needed to protect their behind-the-counter workers but were concerned about a bulky barrier taking up counter space. The gas station retail spaces have very high ceilings, and the company was concerned about the cost of counter-to-ceiling bulletproof glass. Our solution? Create a system of ballistically-rated glazing at counter level, and non-rated, louvered glazing near the ceiling. The final result is an elegant barrier that looks great in the retail space. 

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We design custom solutions based on your business’ unique needs. If you’re looking for bulletproof retail security solutions, don’t wait to contact TSS.

Bulletproof Barriers for Retail Storefronts

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Business owners, facilities directors, and operations managers frequently come to TSS concerned about losing functionality. Will workers and customers be able to hear through the barrier? Will voice ports disrupt the line of sight? Will they be able to easily pass purchases from one side of the barrier to the other? What if the items are large?

When you choose TSS as your bulletproof barrier partner, we work with you to ensure your barrier doesn’t get in the way of staff doing their jobs. If staff can’t use the barrier as intended, it’s not just a point of frustration; it’s a security risk. For instance, without the right package passer, staff may prop open a door to hand items back and forth. We see this all too often—workers left unprotected because of an avoidable error.

Our team of experienced ballistics experts will work with you to understand the types of transactions your team will facilitate, how loud the environment is, the airflow in the space, and other details that impact the functionality of your barrier. Then, we help you choose the right package passer, deal tray, talk-thru, transaction window, and other features.

Best Practices for Bulletproofing Retail Spaces

When you need to secure your retail space, best practices guide your way. TSS has led the ballistic barrier industry for decades and are ready to put our experience and expertise to work for you. To get started, download our free infographic; this resource outlines the best practices for retail spaces and will be an invaluable tool as you get started hardening your security.


TSS’ Bulletproof Glass Windows for Businesses Blend with Your Architecture

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TSS has helped businesses nationwide integrate bulletproof storefronts for their retail spaces. This includes securing the front windows to protect from stray bullets and targeted attacks. Our bulletproof glass windows for businesses blend in with your existing architecture and are often nearly identical to the original, non-rated windows. Your staff will have peace of mind, and customers won’t notice a thing.

Case Study: Collaborating with Engineering Firm to Create Bulletproof Retail Barriers


When civil engineering firm Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr and Huber, Inc.’s (FTCH) client asked them to design bulletproof features for their building, FTCH knew just who to call. With the help of TSS’ experienced team, they designed a bulletproof counter area, which included ballistic doors, to keep the client’s public-facing team protected.

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Our Proven Process Makes Bulletproof Storefronts and Bulletproof Transaction Window Projects Painless

Our team has decades of experience creating bulletproof barriers for retailers nationwide. We’ve refined our process into a four-step system that we use for every project that comes across our desk. Our Proven Process gets your project done the right way, on budget, and on time—every time. 
To read more about how our proven process works in application, visit our capabilities page.


Our team of ballistic experts is ready to speak with you about securing your retail space. To get started, request a free consultation today.