Bulletproof Steel Doors

When you need robust, practical bulletproof security, look to bulletproof steel doors.

Steel Bulletproof Doors
Bulletproof Steel Door

Protect Your Space with Bulletproof Steel Doors

Our commercial bulletproof doors are fabricated with 16-gauge cold rolled steel and hung on a steel frame for maximum protection. 

These doors are opaque and powerful, best used for facilities with higher threat levels or businesses that need to communicate a feeling of extreme safety for employees and visitors. Offering the highest levels of bulletproof protection, steel doors help you maintain both an impression of tight security and real protection from serious assaults.

Our Bulletproof Steel Door Products

Steel doors from TSS come prime painted in gray in these standard sizes: 

  • 3/0 x 7/0
  • 3/0 x 8/0
  • 6/0 x 7/0

TSS has extensive custom capabilities and can create your bulletproof steel door with additional colors, sizes, and double door options upon request. Our engineers will work with you to establish the right fit for your bulletproof system.

Standard door hardware consists of a heavy-duty continuous hinge, overhead surface closer, lever lockset, and an anti-jimmy plate as needed. Not only will your bulletproof steel door be able to stand up to bullets, it’ll resist sagging and other wear and tear over time, as the hardware is robust enough to withstand the weight of the door.

Visit our Product Specifications Page to view and download Data Sheets, 3-Part Specs, and more.


If you’d like to learn more about bulletproof steel doors and how to use them to protect your facility, reach out for a quote! Our team has years of experience partnering with  facilities managers across the country to improve their safety and we’re ready to get started helping you today.

Are Steel Doors Bulletproof?

Yes! Steel doors from TSS are designed to resist bullets, making them bulletproof. Our steel doors are tested according to standards for UL Levels 1-8. Most businesses’ risk threat level requires lower bulletproof protection levels from their barriers. However, if your security needs call for a steel barrier tested to Level 8, you can rest easy knowing that not even an attack from common high-powered rifles can penetrate your system.

We also offer fire-rated door options with sixty (60) or ninety (90) minute UL 10C ratings.

How Do Bulletproof Steel and Security Doors
Compare to Other Bulletproof Door Options?







Application Interior, Exterior Interior Interior Interior, Exterior Interior
Frame Type Aluminum Aluminum, Steel NA Steel Aluminum
(3/0 x 7/0 door)
200-450 lbs. 200-425 lbs. 221 lbs. 160-450 lbs. 162 lbs.
Protection Level levels-8 levels-8 levels-3 levels-8 levels-3
Customization Hardware, Sliding Hardware, Raised Panel NA Fire Rating, Sliding NA

Choosing the Right Commercial Security Doors

Bulletproof steel commercial security doors offer a high level of protection from ballistic threats. They can also offer an imposing visual aesthetic. At TSS, we understand that aesthetics is an important element to consider when designing your space for ballistic protection. When you want your facility to feel open and inviting, we have options that meet this need. When you need something solid that communicates a high level of security, we have something that meets this need—bulletproof steel doors. 

If you’re not sure which type of bulletproof door is right for your application or which design style fits your need, don’t wait to contact our team of ballistic experts. We’ll listen to your situation and help you decide. If you already know what you need, great! Our team is happy to help you get the ballistic barrier products you need. To get started, request a quote.

Ballistic Doors Solutions Guide

Bulletproof doors are incredibly complex. Whether you’d like more detailed information before you make a purchase or to understand the engineering aspects of ballistic doors, our free Ballistic Doors Solutions Guide is a helpful resource you won’t want to miss out on.


Protect Your Facility with TSS

For decades, TSS has helped secure all types of facilities with the highest quality of bulletproof protection commercially available. For more information and personalized recommendations, please request a quote from our team. We have decades of experience and lead the bulletproof barrier industry and are ready to get started today.