Our Bulletproof Law Enforcement Projects


Providing Bulletproof Protection for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous occupations. According to the University of Illinois Chicago, roughly 15,300 officers suffered assault-related injuries while on the job in 2021. Our officers deserve to be safe while they themselves are protecting and serving their communities. 

TSS is proud to support all types of law enforcement with bulletproof barriers for their stations and facilities. We’ve completed all types of projects around the country and are ready to learn more about your threat level and needs today.

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Ballistic Security for Those Who Protect and Serve

TSS designs, engineers, manufacturers, and installs all types of bulletproof security systems for law enforcement, including:

The TSS team can also design custom and retrofit solutions based on your unique needs. So if you need to add a secure vestibule, reinforce the reception area, or upgrade your existing security, TSS can help. We’ve worked with police, sheriffs, and correctional facilities across the country, creating custom bulletproof systems that keep their officers and staff safe.

Window Backglazing - Police Station

Backglazing: A Cost-Efficient Bulletproof Solution for Police Stations

Need bulletproof protection but can’t replace your station’s windows entirely? Backglazing might be the solution you’re looking for. 

Backglazing is a pane of bulletproof glass that’s installed behind the existing, non-rated windows. From the outside, the building envelope remains the same. From the inside, officers, staff, and other people are ballistically protected. There are four different types of backglazing:

  • Permanent, fixed-in-place
  • Hinged
  • Freestanding
  • Removable 

There are distinct advantages with each type of backglazing.To learn if this is the right bulletproofing solution for your precinct and which backglazing option will fit your needs best, request a consultation.

Free Infographic: 5 Things About Ballistic Barriers in Police Stations

While law enforcement officers attend regular training to be prepared to manage active shooter events, many police stations and substations do not have ballistic protection in place to protect officers or unsworn staff members. Download our police station security checklist to learn about the ballistic features that your facility should include.

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TSS’ Proven Process: How We Take Bulletproof Law Enforcement Projects From Concept to Completion

In the decades that we’ve been bulletproofing, TSS has refined the process of creating an effective ballistic barrier system. Our Proven Process has four steps that take your project from concept to completion with no hiccups.

Plus, every project we complete has a dedicated project management team, so not only will the entire process run smoothly, you’ll also be kept in the loop at every stage. 

If you’re interested in securing your law enforcement facility, TSS is ready to put our Proven Process to work for you. To learn more about our Proven Process visit our capabilities page.

Contact TSS About Your Police Station Security Today

If you are ready to learn more about your options for adding bulletproof barriers to your police station, sheriff’s office, correctional facility, or any other type of law enforcement facility, don’t wait to schedule a free consultation with one of our ballistic experts. We can help you pinpoint your threat level, identify the right UL level of protection, and design a bulletproof barrier that meets your needs. Send us a message and we’ll schedule a time to connect—we look forward to hearing from you!