Our Bulletproof Bank and Financial Industry Projects

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Banks and financial institutions have always been (and will probably always be) targets for criminal activity. While most teller areas have partial walls or partitions to prevent people from reaching behind the counter, not all have bulletproof teller windows. 

Designing a space that balances physical security and practicality is complicated, but not impossible. TSS has secured banks across the country. Guided by our three uniques of customer experience, customization, and speed, our team is ready to help you figure out what level of protection is right for your bank and design a bulletproof system that blends seamlessly into the surrounding environment.

Deterrence Is Key for Physical Bank Security

The presence of a physical barrier is often enough to deter a robbery. Some studies have found that 85% to 90% of bank robberies target banks without bandit barriers. The National Credit Union Administration recommends having a bandit barrier because of its effectiveness in preventing “counter jumpers” from gaining behind-the-counter access and general discouragement of robbery attempts.
We design custom solutions based on your financial institution’s unique needs. If you’re looking for bulletproof banking security solutions, don’t wait to contact TSS.

Modern Bank Teller Windows Increase Safety and Functionality

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Bulky, cumbersome bank barriers are a thing of the past. TSS designs elegant bank teller windows that blend in with the bank lobby. In fact, the banks we work with tell us that their customers often don’t notice the barrier due to its high level of optical clarity. Accessories like voice ports, deal trays, and package passers facilitate everyday transactions, so tellers and bank patrons can go about their day as usual.

There’s a reason we typically recommend banks opt for either a baffle window system or an arch window system. Both styles use offset pieces of ballistic glazing and provide unobstructed views for tellers, security personnel, and cameras. The baffle system allows sound to flow naturally around the barrier, which maximizes voice clarity and improves the customer experience.

Customer Success Story: Bulletproof Teller Windows for Rural Kentucky Banks

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After three rural branches were robbed, Peoples Bank of Kentucky decided it was time to protect their employees by installing bulletproof barriers. We designed a bulletproof system with baffle-style transaction windows, stainless steel deal trays, package passers, and fiberglass paneling behind the countertop. The bank’s vice president was worried that the barrier would look bulky or intimidating, but by the end of the project, he was impressed with how unobtrusive the teller windows were and how seamlessly everything fit together. 

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Retrofitting Existing and Historic Buildings With Bulletproof Systems

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You can still add bulletproof barriers if your bank is in a historical building or has features that can’t be altered during a retrofit. Our engineering team has decades of experience designing around things like wainscoting, plaster walls, and marble countertops. Almost all of our projects involve customization, and we’re happy to put our expertise to work for you.

Taking A Systems Approach to Bulletproof Bank Design

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A single bulletproof teller window isn’t enough to provide ballistic protection on its own. A “systems” approach is how we bring individual bulletproof components together into a comprehensive unit that looks great and keeps people safe. A system usually includes free-standing barriers, talk thrus, cash trays, package passers, and fiberglass to reinforce the areas below the counter.

Need a one-of-a-kind teller window or unique package passer? No problem! Our experts can work with you to design something that’s the right protection level and blends seamlessly with your designs.

TSS Is Your Expert Ballistic Barrier Provider

Thinking of adding a ballistic barrier to your bank or financial institution? Don’t wait to talk to TSS! Bringing our experts into your project planning early means we can make sure you get a solution that’s the right protection level and is designed for your unique space. Whether you’re ready to request a quote or simply want to discuss your options, our team is ready to speak with you. 

We have decades of experience designing, fabricating, engineering, and installing ballistic barriers in banks and credit unions. We’ve refined the project process into a four-step Proven Process so we get things right the first time, every time.
To read more about how our proven process works in application, visit our capabilities page.

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If you need to add bulletproof barriers to your government building, don’t wait to schedule a free consultation with one of our ballistic experts. We can help you understand your threat level, identify the right UL level of protection for your government building, and design a bulletproof barrier that meets your needs. Send us a message and we’ll schedule a time to talk—we look forward to hearing from you!