Secure Entryways and Vestibules

Controlling the flow of people entering your building is paramount to any safety plan. We’re here to help you create a custom system that makes access control easy. Security-savvy business owners know that this often requires more than just a single lockable door. By taking steps to enhance the safety of your entryways, you help ensure that every person who steps inside your doors is meant to be there.


Access Control for Any Facility

While the finished product of any custom system from TSS will depend on your unique building features, universal benefits of our bullet-resistant barriers include:

  • Prevent unwanted outside access to your building while still welcoming staff and guests into your space.

  • Create a checkpoint where personnel and visitors can gain entry through additional security measures such as automatic card readers or a receptionist.

  • Provide a temporary waiting area indoors where a limited number of visitors can safely request access to your building.

These custom solutions are best suited for facilities with a low to moderate flow of public traffic and that may admit employees or visitors on an individual basis. If your operations rely on an open reception area or lobby to accommodate high traffic flow from outside visitors - such as a multi-tenant office building, medical facility, or municipal building - you may prefer to explore the possibilities of a secure reception area.

What does a secure entryway look like?

For many clients, we recommend multiple sets of bullet-resistant doors that form a secure vestibule. Employees and visitors will enter an initial set of exterior-facing doors, then need to complete a secondary action to pass through a set of secure interior doors (like using an electronic card reader). Every ballistic door system is customizable, and we’ll work with you to find solutions that preserve your building aesthetics while providing safety for your team.

Taking a Systems Approach to Securing Your Building

No single bulletproof item provides adequate protection on its own. A systems approach is the best way to protect your people and property. Starting with your building’s exterior and entryway, we take a look at common areas in any facility where bullet-resistant systems should be installed to create a cohesive ballistic security system.