Custom Safe Rooms

While you hope it never happens, there may come a time when your business or office building faces an in-person threat from someone attempting to steal from you, or cause damage, or harm people. As interpersonal conflict is often the source of workplace violence, there is an unfortunate likelihood that potential attackers may be known to your staff and easily be able to enter secured areas of your building.

Corporate Safe Room
Bulletproof Safe Room

Do you have a plan for how you’ll protect your property and people from such an attacker? One increasingly common method for incorporating a “just in case” secure space into your business is to create a bulletproof safe room.

What is a safe room?

A safe room is an enclosed space within your building that can be locked and secured against armed or dangerous assailants. Retail stores, corporate or government offices, schools, and similar facilities find that this solution provides the extra layer of protection they need to feel prepared to respond to any potential threats.

Depending on your business, secure rooms may be used to:

  • Store a physical safe, servers, or other valuable assets
  • Create a space for personnel to shelter during an emergency
  • Provide dual protection for property and people

Building a Secure Room

We can subtly integrate safe rooms into your existing office plan or design new builds around their ideal placement. Existing storage rooms, offices, or conference rooms offer excellent opportunities to incorporate ballistic protection into your safety plan. If your building includes workspaces on multiple floors, we often recommend adding a safe space to each floor so employees can avoid hazardous stairways or elevators during an emergency.

When designing a custom safe room, we help you select the right materials for walls, windows, and doors, depending on the room’s location in your facility. As with every custom project we complete, we’re dedicated to creating a solution that provides safety when you need it and an aesthetically pleasing look for everyday operations.

Bulletproof Glass Doors

Safe Rooms and Workplace Violence

Watch as the TSS team explains how safe rooms can address new trends in workplace violence.

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