Bulletproof Fiberglass Walls

Fiberglass panels are used to reinforce traditional drywall and other dividers within your workspace. When installed correctly, these panels add a critical layer of safety to your security system. By choosing fiberglass over thick, traditional “bulletproof” wall options such as brick or concrete, you elevate the design of your security system to meet modern aesthetic considerations and foster a friendly work environment.

Bulletproof Fiberglass Walls
Ballistic Fiberglass Panels

What Makes Fiberglass Walls Bullet-Resistant?

Ballistic wall panels are made of layered, reinforced structural polyester laminate that carries unique, life-saving bulletproof characteristics. Press-molded between steel plates at high pressure and temperature, panels of fiberglass are designed to progressively delaminate as a bullet penetrates, distorting and flattening the projectile and dissipating the energy.

The wall will continue to consume energy from the bullet as it enters the high-strength glass fibers that make up the layered material, stopping not only penetration but any dangerous shattering effects.

Uses for FRP Wall Panels

Bulletproof walls can be used in spaces such as:

  • Offices, classrooms, and lobby areas
  • Safe rooms
  • Interior divided workspaces

While fiberglass walls are placed in a similar manner to traditional drywall, there are some crucial distinctions in the installation process. Contractors interested in using fiberglass walls in their next build should take a look at this resource for key information on how to properly install bulletproof barriers and mistakes to avoid.

Fiberglass Wall Properties

This completely customizable bulletproof element can be fabricated to your size, style, and protection specifications.


These opaque wall panels are an unfinished bulletproof product, meant to be used behind drywall or similar materials. If drywall isn’t an option in your space, then fiberglass can include an aluminum or plastic laminate finish.

Bulletproof Protection

Fiberglass materials are available and tested to UL Levels 1-8, allowing you to choose the level of bulletproof protection appropriate for your system.

View detailed information on our product specifications page. 

Fiberglass Drywall

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