Bulletproof Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate security windows, while not made of actual glass, are optimal for interior use with a high resistance to forced entry. A sheet of polycarbonate will withstand repeated strikes from a sledgehammer and its unique construction gives it the ability to “catch” a bullet without shattering. It’s laminated layers allow it to absorb the momentum of a speeding projectile, instead of forcing a bullet to dangerously ricochet off its surface.

Bulletproof Polycarbonate detail
Polycarbonate Ballistic Glass Properties

Polycarbonate Properties

Polycarbonate can be coated with an abrasion-resistant layer which affords it increased protection from solvents, weather, and UV light. Businesses with an interest in maintaining high natural light transmission should be aware, however, that polycarbonate glazing has a noticeable tint that allows a bit less than 80% of available light to pass through.

Most modern bulletproof systems are fabricated with a laminated polycarbonate solution that is used in conjunction with an acrylic core with poly cap sheets due to polycarbonate’s poor light transmission and tendency toward crazing. But polycarbonate sheets alone can have a place for those businesses concerned with forced entry attacks.

Polycarbonate Strength

TSS fabricates polycarbonate sheets tested to UL Levels 1-3.

Level 1:
Ballistic polycarbonate that passes the Level 1 requirements will be able to withstand not only forced entry but an assault from a typical 9mm handgun used in an armed robbery.

Level 2:
Windows that pass the Level 2 test will weather an attack from the more serious .357 Magnum, making them appropriate for institutions like banks and government offices with heightened security threats.

Level 3:
Polycarbonate tested to Level 3 standards can withstand shots from a .44 magnum and most other hand guns. Most often used in larger buildings with a higher number of employees or risk factors.

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