Custom Bulletproof Barriers

Bulletproof protection, personalized.

Looking for a niche or specific bulletproof solution? You’re not alone! Plenty of customers approach TSS with unique bulletproofing needs because of our reputation of highly-skilled engineers, craftsmen, and security specialists. In fact, we are the only bullet-resistant manufacturing company with consulting, engineering, project management, fabrication, and installation teams fully in-house. This makes it extraordinarily easy to not only design and engineer the right solution for our customers, but to provide a complete end-to-end experience that makes the project process painless.

Our bulletproof barrier product capabilities include both retrofit and new construction. Because we custom engineer and fabricate our products in-house, components will be made to meet your specifications and deliver both safety and aesthetics.

TSS’ Custom Design and Fabrication Capabilities

TSS proudly produces systems that blend seamlessly with your existing environment. Our extensive capabilities in designing and manufacturing bullet-resistant solutions provide options you might not have considered possible. From adding custom ballistic glass to existing doors or counters to drape-forming acrylic into specific shapes even before fabrication, we create and deliver the solutions to fit the job at hand.
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Transaction Lines

Create custom, bulletproof barriers in any kind of transaction-based contexts, such as banks, social services, and more.

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Safe Rooms

Transform an existing room into a ballistically-rated space using bulletproof panels, doors, and glass.



Create secure vestibules, “man traps,” and other integrated physical security features to your facility’s entryways.

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Reception Areas

Implement ballistically secure front desks from scratch or by retrofitting existing architecture. Reception areas often include ballistic countertops and glass barriers. 

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Guard Booths

Design and install ballistically-secure booths indoors or outdoors. Retrofit designs can be installed without damaging existing or historic architectural features. 



Reinforce permanent or freestanding podiums with ballistic fiberglass. Natural finishes and wood veneers make podiums indistinguishable from non-ballistic options.


Desks and Workstations

Imperceptibly reinforce all types of desks, including countertops, cubicles, and other workstations.

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Reach Guards

Prevent aggressive acts, threats, and altercations with custom reach guards. Reach guards are available in a variety of protection levels. 

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Other Custom Projects

Don’t see an example that you’re looking for? We’d still love to speak with you about your project. Our experienced team is ready to help you find the right solution.


Custom Project Highlight: Guard Booth Design, Fabrication, and Installation in NYC

The Conrad B. Duberstein US Bankruptcy Courthouse is a stunning, Romanesque Revival-style municipal building in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. The court needed to add a secure vestibule to the front entrance, but damaging the historically-significant interior was not an option. TSS designed and engineered a solution that achieved all of their goals at once: a bulletproof guard booth that provided critical security, spectacular engineering that accounted for sloped floors and other old-building quirks, and flawless freestanding installation that did not damage or permanently alter existing millwork or surfaces.

TSS Is Your Trusted Partner in Ballistic Consulting, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Installation

Ready to get started? Our team of experts is ready to help. You can contact our office at 800.513.1468, or fill out this simple form on our website. Or, if you’re still researching your project, our Ballistic Education Center has a library of resources to help you learn more about your options.