Backglazing: Retrofit Ballistic Protection for Windows

The bulletproof protection you need, the customization you want, and the aesthetics you value.

Ballistic Backglazing Retrofit - TSS

Backglazing Offers Significant Benefits

Stops Bullets - TSS

Backglazing Can Stop a Bullet

If windows simply can’t be replaced with a bulletproof option, a common suggestion is to use security window film instead. While film is a great product in the right application, it’s not suitable for protecting human lives as it does not stop a bullet. Because backglazing is made from bulletproof glass that undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its performance under fire, you can trust that if the unthinkable happens, your people will have bulletproof protection.

Historic Buildings - TSS

Backglazing Preserves Historical and Aesthetic Integrity

Plenty of buildings simply can’t replace their existing windows with ballistic alternatives. Whether the construction is too delicate, the windows have historical significance, or the aesthetics make replacing with bulletproof material impractical, backglazing lets you preserve what matters most while adding a layer of protection. 

Backglazing - TSS

Backglazing Keeps High-Performance Windows in Place

Protecting the planet and protecting people can go hand-in-hand. Adding backglazing to existing high-efficiency windows protects your investment and makes your facility that much more prepared for events in an uncertain future.

Time & Money - TSS

Backglazing Is Time and Budget-Friendly

Removing existing windows and frames requires significant specialized construction services. Backglazing is a simpler process with fewer risks. This shortens your project timeline and reduces your overall costs without compromising your protection.

Customized - TSS

Extensive Custom Options

When considering options for ballistic protection, facility owners and managers commonly run into the issue of how to balance security with the building’s current exterior aesthetics. The new TSS removable backglazing system is an efficient and cost-effective solution for your unique ballistic protection needs.

The Four Backglazing Window Options

Premanent Ballistic Backglazing - TSS

Permanent Backglazing

Permanent backglazing is set in place behind your existing exterior windows. This option includes ballistic framing.

Hinged Ballistic Backglazing - TSS

Hinged Backglazing

Hinged backglazing swings open, giving you easy access to the exterior window to clean and do maintenance.

Freestanding Ballistic Backglazing - TSS

Freestanding Backglazing

Freestanding backglazing is typically attached to the floor to provide protection for floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Removable Ballistic Backglazing

Removable Backglazing

Removable backglazing offers superior flexibility and security Removable backglazing looks fixed, but can be removed for cleaning, maintenance, and access to the non-rated window. 


Retrofitted Bulletproof Window Protection

Backglazing is the perfect solution for businesses that would like to increase their level of security without doing significant construction. Our experienced team will work with you to choose the right bulletproof glass and framing to match your building’s aesthetic.


Backglazing Window Options

Backglazing can be made from any ballistic glass depending on your specifications:

  • Acrylic
  • Polycarbonate
  • Glass-clad polycarbonate
You can view our backglazing product specifications online, or contact our team for more information.
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Freestanding Ballistic Backglazing - TSS

Securing Corporate Offices with Freestanding Backglazing

This corporate office’s floor-to-ceiling glass windows are beautifully designed. They give the building a distinctive look that would be impractical to replicate with bulletproof glass. Adding freestanding backglazing in the building’s interior offered the bulletproof protection the company was looking for without the costly and extensive renovations that replacing the glass would have required. 

Total Security Solutions Can Help You Improve Your Safety without Sacrificing Your Aesthetics with Backglazing

If you’re concerned about protecting your staff from bullets, don’t wait to contact us about backglazing. Our passionate team is ready to help you get started; request a quote today.