If you’re upgrading security in an existing space, backglazing is a highly effective method of adding ballistic protection to windows without doing major renovations to the building.



Backglazing is the perfect solution for businesses that would like to increase their level of security without doing significant construction on their existing space. This method of installing bulletproof glass, behind the existing glass, allows us to simply add another layer of protection directly behind existing outward-facing windows. The appearance of your window from the outside will not change, and we’ll work with you to choose the right glass and framing to match your building’s aesthetic.

What’s more - clients who choose to utilize backglazing save time and money. Removing existing windows and frames requires a significant amount of specialized service, and may not even be an option for historic or older buildings. Backglazing is a simpler process with fewer risks, and it’s often our top recommendation for adding ballistic protection to exterior windows.

Removable Backglazing System Overview

When considering options for ballistic protection, facility owners and managers commonly run into the issue of how to balance security with the building’s current exterior aesthetics. This video breaks down the components of the new TSS Removable Backglazing System, an efficient and cost-effective solution for your unique ballistic protection needs.

Backglazing Window Options

Backglazing can be made from any ballistic glass and installed using a variety of techniques depending on your facility’s unique design and needs. A few customizations we offer include:

Backglazing technology has been advancing in the bulletproof industry for many years, and the finished product we can deliver today adds a beautiful - and secure - element of safety to any workspace.



Removable Backglazing Product Data Sheet