Insulated Ballistic Glass

When you need safety from bullets and variable weather conditions, bulletproof insulated glass protects what matters most.

Defender Insulated Ballistic Glass
Defender Insulated Ballistic Glass - TSS

Protect Your Space with Bulletproof Insulated Glass

TSS' Defender line of insulated ballistic glass is made of at least two laminated glass panes separated by a sealed airspace, forming an insulated glass unit.

These insulated glass panels are easy to maintain, protective against firearms and forced entry, and great for natural light transmission. Considered a “new generation” of bulletproof glass, this material is quickly becoming a top choice for many industries, including schools, offices, municipal buildings, and more. Plus, Defender insulated ballistic glass from TSS can often be retrofitted into existing window frames, making it a perfect choice for building remodeling projects.

Our Insulated Ballistic Glass Products: DEFENDER & GCP

Product Thickness Level
Defender Insulated Glass 1” Not Rated - Forced Entry Only
Defender Insulated Glass 1 ⅛” levels-1
Defender Insulated Glass 1 ¼” levels-2
Defender Insulated Glass 1 916 levels-3
GCP Insulated Glass 1 ⅛” - 1 ½” levels-1
GCP Insulated Glass 1 916” - 1 ¾ levels-2
GCP Insulated Glass 1 ½” - 1 910 levels-3
GCP Insulated Glass 1 1316” - 2 ¼” levels-4
GCP Insulated Glass 1 1316” - 2 ¼” levels-5

Visit our product specifications page for data sheets, 3-part specs, and more.

DEFENDER Insulated Glass

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If you’d like to learn more about each product’s advantages, please reach out! One of our ballistic barrier experts is ready to learn about your project and discuss how bullet resistant glass can meet your needs.

Is Bulletproof Glass a Good Insulator?

Bulletproof glass is thicker than standard window glass and its makeup often includes components that are good insulators, like thermoplastics. However, unless ballistic glass is designed to insulate, it won’t be the most effective temperature regulator. This is because the temperature can still transfer between the different layers of glazing, as there are no specific insulating elements.

Ballistic insulated glass is different. Unlike other types of bulletproof glass, bulletproof insulated glass has an air gap. This air gap provides a more efficient insulator, providing an element of thermal break, making windows suitable for exterior use. Total Security Solutions’ DEFENDER & GCP insulated glass units are ideal for exterior use in climates with both high and low temperatures, helping you achieve efficiency goals as well as bulletproof protection.

DEFENDER & GCP insulated ballistic glass is available in multiple thicknesses. The Defender line may be able to be retrofitted into existing frames, and both are compatible with TSS ballistic frames. Both lines can also be customized with tinting, Low-E, and other elements to enhance R-value.

How Does Insulated Ballistic Glass Compare to Other Options?

TSS’ ballistic insulated glass units are tested to UL 752 Levels 1 through 5. Bulletproof glass at these levels can withstand three rounds from various handguns up to one shot from a 7.62mm rifle. We also offer a forced entry only option.

Glass Type

UL Level








Insulated Glass



Glass-Clad Polycarbonate


Interior and Exterior



Choosing the Right Bulletproof Insulated Glass Unit

Did you know that the most commonly-used weapon in workplace violence is a handgun? Whether you’re concerned about targeted attacks or gunfire from the street, there’s a ballistic insulated glass that’s right for you. 

If you’re still in the process of learning more about your bulletproof glass options, don’t wait to check out our Ballistic Glazing Solutions Guide. This free guide outlines everything you need to know about the different types of bulletproof glass so you have what you need to make an informed decision about your bulletproofing project.

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For decades, Total Security Solutions has protected spaces across the country with bulletproof solutions that are as beautiful as they are effective at stopping bullets. So, when you need to keep your team safe from bullets and harsh weather, TSS is ready to help. To get started, contact us or request a quote