Insulated Glass Panels for Ballistic Protection

Insulated ballistic glass from TSS is ideal for schools, offices, municipal buildings, or any facility that requires superior Safety + Aesthetics™. Its ability to be easily retrofitted into existing window frames makes it a perfect choice for building exteriors and upper floors. These insulated glass panels are easy to maintain, protective against firearms and forced entry, and great for natural light transmission. Considered a “new generation” of bulletproof glass, this material is quickly becoming a top choice for many industries.

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What is Ballistic Insulated Glass?

Ballistic insulated glass is made up of two or more laminated glass panes separated by a sealed airspace to form a complete insulated glass unit.

TSS DEFENDER - Ballistic insulated glass

Our DEFENDER line offers not only protection from forced entry but acts as a ballistic barrier, providing high-level protection when seamlessly integrated into your building’s design. We independently test our DEFENDER Ballistic Insulated Glass to match both UL 972 Level 1 and Level 3 bulletproof standards.

Bullet-resistant Levels 1 & 3 require that glass is able to withstand rounds from handguns ranging from 9mm to .44 Magnum. This type of bulletproof glass is typically used in corporate headquarters, schools, hospitals, retail stores, and small businesses.

Our TSS DEFENDER Ballistic Insulated Glass is available in multiple thicknesses for retrofitting into existing frames or TSS ballistic frames. It can also be customized with tinting and Low E enhancements.

DEFENDER Ballistic Insulated Glass Product Data sheets:
L0: Defender Insulated Glass - 1" (Forced Entry Only)
L1: Defender Insulated Glass - 1-1/8" 
L1: Defender Insulated Glass - 1-1/4"
L3: Defender Insulated Glass - 1-9/16" (Spring 2023)

Product Specification:
L1: DEFENDER Ballistic insulated Glass Product Specification

DEFENDER Ballistic Insulated Glass

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