Custom Bulletproof Doors

Our Bulletproof doors come in a wide array of styles, materials, and bullet-resistant protection levels, and can be matched to fit your building's aesthetic.



A Security System is Only as Good as its Doors

Bullet-resistant barrier systems are a great way to protect both people, and products. And a key component to any good ballistic system is the doors.

In-House Fabrication

We fabricate all of our ballistic doors in our own state-of-art facility in Fowlerville, Michigan. Because we don't use pre-fab doors, you'll get a perfect fit, custom-made for your environment, every time. Our professional installation teams cover all 50 states, and are known for getting in, and getting out of your way, quickly.

Custom Design

Our customization also means that we'll be sure to choose materials and hardware that look beautiful and integrate with your access control system and other ballistic features within your bulletproof barrier system.

We can also consult with you to ensure that your choice in bulletproof doors supports your safety strategy, while still providing a welcoming and ADA-compliant point of entry.



Ballistic Aluminum Storefront Doors

The aluminum storefront door comes with a full vision view lite to add visibility and security for customers and employees.


Ballistic Wood Doors

This door is made of a wood core with a plastic laminate or wood veneer finish over bullet-resistant fiberglass with or without a view lite.


All Glass Ballistic Doors

This door offers completely clear, full-vision viewing with the security necessary made from laminated ballistic glass.


Bullet-Resistant Steel Doors

An all steel, bullet-resistant protective barrier, hung on a steel frame. It comes prime painted gray in 16 gauge cold rolled steel.


Bullet-Resistant Acrylic Doors

Completely clear, this door provides bullet-resistant security and adds visibility that both customers and employees value. UL Level I, II, and III available to meet you unique security challenges.


Specialty Doors

From divided doors to doors with transactional features, accessories, and materials can be customized to fit the desired aesthetics.

Choosing The Right Ballistic Doors

Along with transaction windows, doors rank high on the list of the most vulnerable points in your building. We'll help you choose the right door for your environment and make sure that it provides the appropriate level of protection.

We offer a number of bullet-resistant door options that are tested to UL bulletproof standards and made from materials that can either emphasize or minimize security as a visual deterrent. Our most popular materials include steel, glass, aluminum, and wood. We can also accommodate the need for custom paint and hardware options.

Access control and ballistic protection at your main points of entry are the key to a good physical security strategy. We can help you select the perfect bulletproof door for your building.

We've installed ballistic doors in hospitalsmunicipal buildings, schoolscorporate headquartersbanks, and retail environments across the country. We're familiar with the most common operational challenges, and threat profiles, for those and other environments that would benefit from ballistic protection.

Work with us to find the right security solution for you.

Ballistic Security for Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

Aluminum Doors. See more in Gas Stations and Convenience Stores.

Ballistic Security for Banks and Credit Unions
Half vision acrylic door plastic laminate finish with kickplate. See more in Banks and Credit Unions.
Ballistic Security for Government

Exterior Window & Door. See more in Government.

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