Bulletproof Doors

Our range of bulletproof doors are aesthetically pleasing and high-performing so you don't have to leave anything up to chance.

Having functional, reliable bulletproof doors is more important than ever. If protecting your people and your property is a priority, but you don’t want to sacrifice your building’s aesthetics, TSS can help. 

We design and fabricate custom bulletproof doors that not only provide a high level of protection, but unparalleled aesthetics as well. In fact, our bullet-resistant doors blend so seamlessly with the surrounding environment, you might not even realize they’re bulletproof at all.

Bulletproof Door Options

Unlike what most people think of as “bulletproof,'' bulletproof doors aren’t just solid metal, although that is certainly a popular option. If you’re looking for ballistically-rated doors, you have plenty to choose from in terms of material, style, and level of visibility. 


Bulletproof door styles

Any of these styles can be made into double doors. Our expert design and engineering teams have extensive customization capabilities, so if you have an unusual style in mind, we’re ready to discuss your project goals. Every door we fabricate is custom to your needs.

Bulletproof Door Materials and Finishes

Aluminum Bulletproof Doors


Aluminum Bulletproof Doors

Keep your business safe with bulletproof storefront doors. Choose from half or full panel options, door sizes, and aluminum finishes.

Wood Bulletproof Doors

Wood Bulletproof Doors

Get the look of traditional wood with enhanced safety features! Our bulletproof wood door has a wood core, bullet-resistant fiberglass panels, and a plastic laminate or wood veneer finish. Bulletproof wood doors are available with or without a view lite (window).

Glass Bulletproof Doors

Glass Bulletproof Doors

Crystal clear ballistic glass doors that you would never know are bulletproof. Our bulletproof glass doors are made from laminated ballistic glass. This design makes for an incredibly tough and brilliant bulletproofing solution for low-traffic, interior settings, such as offices and professional buildings.

steel bulletproof doors

Steel Bulletproof Doors

If you need heavy-duty durability, our steel, bullet-resistant doors are the protective barrier you’re looking for. Doors are 16 gauge cold rolled steel, hung on a steel frame, and are available in prime painted gray and other custom color finishes.

acrylic bulletproof doors

Acrylic Bulletproof Doors

A lighter, price-conscious alternative to glass, bulletproof acrylic doors are completely clear and do not inhibit light transmission. Acrylic bulletproof doors are highly-customizable and available in a variety of styles.

specialty bulletproof doors

Specialty Bulletproof Doors

Have a specific design or style in mind? We want to make it for you. From divided doors, transactional features, and accessories, we can customize your door to fit your desired aesthetics.

Choosing Bulletproof Doors and Frames







Application Interior, Exterior Interior Interior Interior, Exterior Interior
Frame Type Aluminum Aluminum, Steel NA Steel Aluminum
(3/0 x 7/0 door)
200-450 lbs. 200-425 lbs. 221 lbs. 160-450 lbs. 162 lbs.
Protection Level levels-8 levels-8 levels-3 levels-8 levels-3
Customization Hardware, Sliding Hardware, Raised Panel NA Fire Rating, Sliding NA
With so many options to consider, choosing the right bulletproof door can be a challenge. A helpful tip we like to remind people interested in ballistic doors is that unless you’re in a high security setting, you likely don’t need the highest level of protection. UL levels four and up are rated for rife fire. Choosing a lower level that’s appropriate for your space will save you time and money (and open up aesthetic options). 

Bulletproof materials are often much heavier than standard materials, requiring special frames to support them. Our team can also help you decide on the right frame and hardware for your ballistic door project. There are hollow metal frames, aluminum, steel, and frameless systems available, depending on the style of door.
wood bulletproof door

How Much Does a Bulletproof Door Cost?

Without project specifications, it’s difficult to give even a ballpark estimate of what a bulletproof door might cost. However, most of the doors we fabricate cost between $4,000-$6,000+ apiece. The materials, level of protection, and other factors all impact cost. So, an acrylic door might be $3,000+ and an all-glass, frameless door can be as much as $10,000+. 

Our team of experts is waiting to walk you through the process of picking the right door for your setting. To get started exploring your options, send us a message or call us at 800.513.1468.

Need More In-Depth Resources?

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Why Choose TSS as Your Custom Bulletproof Doors Provider

When you choose TSS as your bulletproof door manufacturer, you’ll be getting unparalleled service, design, and fabrication services.

Expert Consultations

Before getting started on any project, our team consults with you to ensure your bulletproof door supports your safety strategy, integrates with your access control system, and matches other ballistic features within your bulletproof barrier system.

Custom Design

Ballistic security is an investment, so you should be able to choose the level of protection, looks, and hardware that best fits your space. None of our products are prefabricated or off the shelf. Everything is made to order, so you can trust that your bulletproof door will be as aesthetically pleasing as it is effective. 

In-House Fabrication

We fabricate all of our ballistic doors in our own state-of-art facility in Fowlerville, Michigan. Because we don't use prefab doors, your door will be custom-made for your facility, resulting in a perfect fit, every time. 

Expert Installation Teams

Our professional installation teams cover all 50 states. Our install teams are true craftsmen and are capable of making adjustments on the fly if something isn’t perfect. We’re known for getting in and out of your way quickly. In fact, 90% of TSS installations take place over the course of one night.

TSS Is Ready to Help You Design, Fabricate, and Install Exceptional Bulletproof Doors

We’re available to answer any questions you might have about getting bulletproof doors, ballistic systems, or our company. To get in touch or request a quote, send us a message, or call us at 800.513.1468. We look forward to speaking with you!