Bulletproof Glass Windows

Protect your employees and commercial space with ballistic glass windows.

Nothing is more important than your people. When you need to protect what matters most, Total Security Solutions is here to help. We can fabricate everything from interior or exterior windows, to customized transaction windows, or even an entire curtain wall of windows. No matter your unique situation, we can deliver the Safety + Aesthetics™ you’re looking for.



Fixed-in-Place Interior and Exterior Bulletproof Glass Windows

When we refer to bulletproof glass windows, we mean anything that is transparent and not a door. This includes everything from exterior windows, interior windows, office windows, side lites (the glass panels next to doors), floor-to-ceiling bulletproof glass panels, entryways and vestibules,  guard booth windows, reception desk windows, and more. 

No two ballistic window projects are exactly the same. That’s why we never sell any products off-the-shelf; everything we fabricate is tailored to your exact needs and unique space. Our custom fabrication capabilities include:

  • Bulletproof glass third-party tested to meet and exceed UL levels 1-8
  • UV, thermal, high-efficiency, and LEED-certification compliant glass
  • Specialty glass treatments like tinting, one-way mirror effects, and frosting

When you choose TSS as your bulletproof glass window partner, you can trust that you’re getting exactly what you need, every time. 

Bulletproof Transaction Windows

Transaction windows are busy hubs where documents, currency, and goods are exchanged. As such, they can leave your staff and assets vulnerable to criminal activity. Our wide range of bulletproof transaction windows can provide ballistic and forced entry protection for any setting.


Hole and Backer Transaction Window

The most popular transaction window, hole and backer feature a voice port and overlapping backer at mouth level for clear sound transmission. Metal voice ports are also available. 


Baffle Window

A premier TSS product, baffle windows use an offset glazing system similar to the hole and backer design.  The overlapping window baffles are visually sleek and secure.

TSS_Arched Backer Transaction Window

Arched Backer Window

The arched backer captures the best of the hole and backer and baffle windows. The arched backer features elegant lines without creating a shooting lane. 

TSS_AVA Transaction Window

Voice Transmission Window

Voice transmission windows feature a clear pane of glazing with clandestine air channels within the frame that transfer sound from the secure side to the threat side. There are two styles of voice transmission windows available, aluminum voice around and natural voice rail.

TSS_Horizontal Sliding Transaction Window

Sliding Reception Window

Sliding reception windows are popular for a reason; they’re extremely functional and endlessly customizable. Choose from horizontal or vertical slides and accessories like package passers, voice ports, deal trays, and more.

TSS_Exterior Transaction Window

Exterior Transaction Window

Fixed exterior transaction windows are hardy to the elements but make communication easy. Weather-resistant voice ports facilitate clear communication and accessories like deal trays and flip-lid cash passers are no-nonsense additions

BackGlazing example cropped

Backglazing (Retrofit Ballistic Glass)

When you need the benefits of ballistic glass windows but can’t alter the aesthetics of your space, backglazing is a practical solution. 

Backglazing works like a storm window, in that it adds an additional layer of glass to an existing exterior window frame. Unlike a storm window, backglazing sets behind the windows on the inside. By default, backglazing is not removable, but we do offer special frames that allow you to remove the bulletproof pane in order to clean. 

As with the rest of our capabilities, we are able to tailor our backglazing to your unique space. TSS has fabricated retrofit solutions for historic windows, added sleek ballistic layers that blend in with existing aesthetics, and even added ballistic glass panels behind floor-to-ceiling windows. If you’re interested in ballistic protection, but aren’t sure what the solution is, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team of custom bulletproof glass experts can walk you through the process of hardening your physical security. 

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No Ballistic Window Is Complete Without a Ballistic Frame

What many people don’t realize is that bulletproof glass is significantly heavier than standard glass. And because the product needs to perform under pressure (although ideally it never will) it must be supported by a frame that can withstand the weight of ballistic glazing and the force of a potential attack. Unless you already have a robust frame system in place, you’ll likely need a frame for your bulletproof windows, too. 

TSS offers a variety of frame strengths and options to ensure your space’s security is comprehensive and effective. Or, to learn how ballistic frames impact a system’s performance, speak with one of our experts.


How Much Does Bulletproof Glass Cost?

Many factors influence the cost of your bulletproof window project, including the UL safety level, window design, frame, and accessories. 

UL level 1-3 bulletproof glass costs anywhere from $45 to $80 per square foot. On average, a comprehensive bulletproof system (including bulletproof panels, doors, and countertops) can range from $20,000 to $50,000. However, the cost of everything from the components to the system itself depends on a huge number of factors, so these estimates could be higher or lower than your project.

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How Strong is Bulletproof Glass?

There are different levels of ballistic glass, or glazing. The glazing’s “strength” is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 based on the Underwriter Laboratories standard, which is the gold standard in the ballistics industry. The most common ratings outside of high-security military facilities are levels 1 through 8, which encompasses the majority of our projects. 


UL Rating Weapon Ammunition Weight Velocity Shots Typical Uses Ballistic Material Thickness
1 124 grains 8 grams 1175 FPS to 1293 FPS 3 Gas stations Banks Pharmacies Retail Shops L1 Glazing: 0.5”–1.25” L1 Fiberglass: 0.25” Armor Plate: 0.25”
2 158 grains 10.2 grams 1250 FPS to 1375 FPS 3 Corporate Banks Financial Institutions Glazing: 0.75”–1. 375” Fiberglass: 0.375” Armor Plate: 0.25”
3 240 grains 15.6 grams 1350 FPS to 1485 FPS 3 Utilities Police Stations Government Facilities Glazing: 1.25” Fiberglass: 0.5” Armor Plate: 0.25”
4 180 grains 11.7 grams 2540 FPS to 2794 FPS 1 Federal Government Military Glazing: 1.5” Fiberglass: 1.375”” Armor Plate: 0.25”
5 150 grains 9.7 grams 2750 FPS to 3025 FPS 1 Federal Government Military Glazing: 1.625” Fiberglass: 1.375” Armor Plate: 0.3125”
6 124 grains 8 grams 1400 FPS to 1540 FPS 5 Federal Government Military Glazing: 1.25” Fiberglass: 0.5” Armor Plate: 0.25”
7 55 grains 3.56 grams 3080 FPS to 3388 FPS 5 Federal Government Military Glazing: 2. 1875” Fiberglass: 1.625” Armor Plate: 0.25”
8 150 grains 9.7 grams 2750 FPS to 3025 FPS 5 Federal Government Military Glazing: 2.5” Fiberglass: 1.625” Armor Plate: 0.3125”
9     1 Federal Government Military  
10     1 Federal Government Military  
How Thick is Bulletproof Glass?

Bulletproof glass thickness depends on the type of glazing and level of protection. Our thinnest glazing is ¾” thick, and our thickest is 2 ½”.

How Does Bulletproof Glass Work?

Bulletproof glass stops a bullet by absorbing its energy. Glazing is made of many layers, each designed to slow a bullet’s progress. Between the layers of glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate, a Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayer adheres the layers of glazing together and its “sticky” properties also grab onto the bullet, impeding its progress. The flexible polycarbonate layer absorbs the force of the bullet. 

How Is Bulletproof Glass Made?

The bulletproof glass manufacturing process varies between glazing types. However in general, glazing is manufactured by layering different ballistic materials over each other to leverage their unique strengths. The final product is then “baked” in a special oven to set the entire sheet together. 

TSS Is Proud to Be Your Trusted Source for Custom Bulletproof Glass Windows

TSS is proud to provide businesses, organizations, and institutions across the country with industry-leading Safety + AestheticsTM in ballistic barrier solutions.

We’re happy to field any questions you might have about getting started; to get in touch or request a quote, send us a message, or call us at 800.513.1468. We look forward to speaking with you!