From basic interior or exterior windows, to customized transaction windows, or an entire curtain wall of windows, Total Security Solutions' ballistic experts design & fabricate bullet-resistant windows that deliver both Safety + AestheticsTM.

Ballistic Windows

Any comprehensive bulletproof security plan should center around bulletproof windows that provide ballistic protection without detracting from the aesthetics of your space. Modern bulletproof security windows can be seamlessly installed into a retrofitted space or included in any new building design. A bulletproof barrier partner that specializes in custom-designed systems can design, fabricate, and install bulletproof windows that match your space’s aesthetic while keeping your team safe from harm.

Transaction Windows

Transaction windows are busy hubs that can be vulnerable to criminal activity. See our wide range of bullet-resistant transaction windows.



Backglazing Systems

If you’re upgrading security in an existing space, backglazing is a highly effective method of adding ballistic protection to windows without doing major renovations to the building.





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