Our Bulletproof Projects

TSS has handled all types of bulletproofing projects in our 20 years of existence. We’re proud of our work and encourage you to explore our project library to learn how TSS can put our expertise to work for you.

    If It Matters to You, We Can Help You Keep it Safe From Bullets

    Since our inception in 2004, TSS has engineered, fabricated, and installed over 25,000 bulletproofing projects. We have experience securing all types of facilities using barriers that not only keep you safe, but blend in with your building’s aesthetic as well. No matter what industry you work in or type of commercial bulletproofing project you have in mind, TSS can make your bulletproof barrier look natural in the space. We’re proud of the quality work we do—quality you can see for yourself.

    Projects By Industry

    Gas Station Pics_Page_3


    Gas stations, convenience stores, corner stores, fuel centers, rest stops, and fast food restaurants
    corporate reception desk


    Corporate headquarters, offices, security booths, and meeting rooms


    Schools, colleges, universities, pre-schools, and after-school care facilities


    Banks, credit unions, and check cashing businesses


    Local, state, and federal offices, municipal facilities, courthouses, jails, and vehicle services



    Hospitals, medical centers, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, emergency rooms, and urgent care facilities
    Law Enforcement Center

    Law Enforcement

    Police stations, sheriff offices, jails, parking services, and security booths


    Water, electric, and gas utility offices

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    TSS Is Your Trusted Bulletproofing Partner

    When you need to secure your facility, call TSS. We have experience keeping all kinds of businesses and organizations safe from bullets and are ready to help you protect what matters most. To get started, send us a message.