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Healthcare Facilities Are Uniquely Challenging to Secure

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Unlike other buildings, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are highly accessible to the public. Coupled with healthcare professionals’ increased risk of violence on the job, finding practical ballistic security solutions can often be a challenge. TSS has decades of experience securing all types of medical facilities—including those with the most complex security challenges.

Working in Healthcare Is Dangerous. Bulletproof Protection Can Help

According to the National Institute of Health, outpatient facilities and the emergency department are two of the most dangerous areas in a hospital. The same study found that 34.4% of healthcare workers experience some type of workplace violence. 

Protecting healthcare workers—including those in the pharmacy, reception, and administrative teams, is more important than ever. Practical bulletproof barriers are one of the most important ways health systems can keep people safe. 

We design custom solutions based on your healthcare facility’s unique needs. If you’re looking for bulletproof healthcare security solutions, don’t wait to contact TSS.

Case Study: Bulletproof Barriers Without Compromise for Healing Center in San Diego

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The Healing Center of San Diego, a pain management facility, needed a bulletproof barrier system implemented in a short time frame.The design had to reflect a light airy feel without sacrificing security, which posed quite a challenge because of the limited space. We worked with Element Construction to design and implement a system that achieved all of these goals. 

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TSS Has Designed and Fabricated Bulletproof Glass for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities Across the Country

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TSS frequently helps secure all types of healthcare facilities. If you’re worried about ballistic threats, we are ready to help you add bulletproof protection to your hospital, medical office, pharmacy, reception or triage desk, nurses’ station, and more. Our healthcare projects typically include:

If you have a unique need, that’s no problem. We have extensive custom capabilities so you can get the protection you need, no matter what. To learn more, request a free consultation with a member of our team.

Free Infographic: How to Bulletproof a Healthcare Facility

Know you need to add ballistic protection to your healthcare facility, but aren’t sure where to start? This free infographic outlines where to strategically add ballistic protection in your healthcare facility and why these locations are important.


Everyone in Healthcare Deserves to Be Safe at Work

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Pharmacies and other retail facilities are a critical part of the healthcare industry. While they might not face the same risks as large hospitals or emergency rooms, people working in these locations should feel safe and protected from everyday threats. TSS is proud to add practical ballistic security to all types of healthcare locations, including pharmacies, dispensaries, outpatient offices, and more. 

TSS Is Your Expert Ballistic Barrier Provider

For decades, TSS has been the healthcare industry’s trusted bulletproof barrier partner. We’ve designed, engineered, manufactured, and installed over 25,000 bullet-resistant systems nationwide—including countless hospital and medical offices. 

We work with you to understand your threat level, your security objectives, and budget. Then, we design a bulletproof barrier system that meets your needs using our Proven Process.
We carefully engineer every aspect of your project to ensure it can stand up under fire as well as the test of time. TSS’ installation crew can even install your bulletproof barrier with minimal disruptions to your operations. Plus, with over 20 years in the business, we have the skill and expertise to help make sure your healthcare facility is secure. To learn more about our proven process visit our capabilities page.

TSS Is Your Trusted Source for Bulletproof Glass for Hospitals and Medical Offices

We’re passionate about helping people protect what matters most. To learn more about your options, don’t hesitate to request a free consultation with one of our ballistics experts. This no-strings-attached call gives us a chance to hear about your goals and make recommendations to help keep you safe. We look forward to speaking with you!