Bulletproof Fiberglass Booths

Ballistic fiberglass is a key material used to build guard stations that can withstand a ballistic attack. When your security team puts their lives on the line for you every day, you want to be sure that they can keep themselves safe at work. A booth or station built of a combination of bulletproof fiberglass and glazing can add that extra measure of protection that helps your security guards keep you safe.

Fiberglass Security Booth
Fiberglass Security Booth
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How to Build a Fiberglass Guard Station

When designing your fiberglass guard station, TSS will work with you to select complementary materials that provide opaque protection (fiberglass), visibility (ballistic glazing), and functional abilities (accessories such as voice ports or cash trays). Fiberglass is used to reinforce the walls of security stations with bulletproof protection not provided by traditional siding. These booths are usually freestanding, exterior structures, and TSS can help you determine which materials can stand up to weathering and exposure while retaining their protective properties.

Ballistic Fiberglass

Reinforces booth walls and ensures bulletproof protection above and below windows.

Ballistic Windows

Allow for an appropriate level of visibility and consistent ballistic protection.


Deal trays, drawers, and voice transmission equipment help guards perform daily duties.

Fiberglass Booths in Your Safety Plan

A bulletproof booth extends your safety plan to the outer edges of your facility and ensures that every member of your staff, including security guards, are protected. Integrating this solution can help your team address exterior threats and remain safe from injury or death by firearm.

To learn more about how TSS can create a fully customized guard station from our high-quality ballistic materials, click here.

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