Bulletproof Acrylic Glass

One of the most popular bullet-resistant glass products in the TSS catalog.

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Protect Your Space With Acrylic Bulletproof Glass

Bullet-resistant acrylic consists of a single piece of acrylic that’s 1¼” to 1⅜” thick, depending on the level of protection required. Acrylic bulletproof glass is available in UL Levels 1 and 2.  Bulletproof acrylic glass is incredibly strong, but can still be cut, drilled, routed, and shaped to seamlessly integrate with your facility aesthetics.

Our Bulletproof Acrylic Products

Product Dimensions UL Level Coating
Bulletproof Acrylic Glass 1-1/4" levels-1 Coated
Bulletproof Acrylic Glass 1-1/4" levels-1 Uncoated
Bulletproof Acrylic Glass 1-3/8" levels-2 Coated
Bulletproof Acrylic Glass 1-3/8" levels-2 Uncoated

Visit our Product Specifications Page to view and download Data Sheets, 3-Part Specs, and more.


If you’d like to learn more about each product’s advantages, please reach out! One of our ballistic barrier experts is ready to learn about your project and discuss how acrylic bullet resistant glass can meet your needs.

Is Acrylic Glass Bulletproof?

Yes! Acrylic bulletproof glass can stop a bullet. Our bullet-resistant acrylic is tested to UL protection Levels 1 and 2. Level 1 acrylic bulletproof glass can stop three shots from a 9mm firearm (the type of handgun often used in armed robberies). Level 2 acrylic bulletproof glass can withstand at least three shots from a .357 Magnum handgun.

How Does Acrylic Bullet-Resistant Glass Compare to Other Options?

Bulletproof acrylic glass is a very popular bullet-resistant glazing for a reason! It’s affordable, protects against shots from some of the most commonly-owned handguns, and has a high level of visual clarity.

Glass Type

UL Level








Insulated Glass

1, 3


Glass-Clad Polycarbonate


Interior and Exterior


Acrylic bulletproof glass is ideal for creating teller lines, reception windows, and other interior bulletproof windows and barriers. However, acrylic materials can be damaged by traditional cleaning products. Adding a protective coating is one way to reduce susceptibility to damage like crazing or hazing; using a non-abrasive cleaning agent is another option. Other types of bulletproof glass with more durable exterior surfaces, such as glass-clad polycarbonate, are not susceptible to this type of surface damage. 


Choosing the Right Bullet-Resistant Acrylic Glass

Did you know that most workplace gun violence involves a handgun? This makes acrylic ballistic glass an ideal material for protecting your team and your workplace from handgun fire. In fact, many businesses with this level of threat find that ballistic barriers in the Level 1-3 range are appropriate solutions for their security systems. And overall, acrylic sheets are by far the most popular interior bulletproof glass materials for commercial buildings. 

Our bulletproof acrylic glazing is available in UL Levels 1 and 2. An optional abrasion-resistant coating is available for both levels; this coating consists of a crosslinked polysilicate resin, a unique treatment that provides an outstanding combination of properties including abrasion resistance, solvent resistance, and weatherability. This includes an increased resistance to the effects of ultraviolet light.

Ballistic Glazing Solutions Guide

If you’re not familiar with bullet-resistant products, determining your level of threat can be tricky. If you’d like to learn more about your bullet-resistant glass options, our Ballistic Glazing Solutions Guide outlines everything you need to know about bulletproof glass. This comprehensive guide walks you through all our product options so you can feel confident about your safety, security, and aesthetics.


Acrylic Bulletproof Glass Can Be Made Into Doors, Windows, Passers, and More

Bulletproof acrylic glass can be used to create all types of products and accessories, such as bulletproof doors, bulletproof windows and teller windows, and bulletproof package passers. With a flame-polished edge, acrylic bullet-resistant glass elevates the look of any barrier system.

TSS Is Ready to Help You Harden Your Physical Security With Bulletproof Acrylic Glass

For decades, TSS has provided all types of businesses, organizations, and companies with the bulletproof glass they need to protect themselves and their customers. If you’d like to get started with acrylic bulletproof glass or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact us or request a quote.