men handling clear glass

[VIDEO] Bullet-Resistant Glass Installation Tips for Contractors

As a contractor, installing bullet-resistant glass might be a new challenge. Having the right knowledge, skillset, and...

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clear glass barrier in gas station

Working with Bulletproof Acrylic Glass: Three Tips for Glazers, Contractors, and Installers

Most ballistic security barriers you work on will rely on bulletproof acrylic glass, either on its own, or as part of a...

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Reception Area Security: Best Practices for Bulletproofing Lobbies and Reception Areas

According to The Violence Project, mass public shootings most frequently occur in workplaces. More than thirty percent...

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[VIDEO] Mantraps in the Real World

Mantraps are used to add a layer of security to any building that needs to mitigate risk. These small, secure...

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