Can You Hear Through Bulletproof Glass?

Bulletproof glass is very thick, which can make it difficult to hear someone speaking on the other side. Fortunately,...

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What Kind of Bulletproof Transaction Window Should I Choose for My Healthcare Facility?

Healthcare is one of the most dangerous fields—and violence rates have only grown since the start of the Covid-19...

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Baffle window at desk

Transaction Window Product Feature: The Roxbury Window

A high level of customization is one of the advantages to working with TSS—which is exactly what a large Federal...

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bank teller line

Bank Security and Bullet-Resistant Barriers: Frequently Asked Questions

Banks and security—the two words should be side by side in the dictionary, as it seems like one soon follows the other....

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Bulletproof at the Bank: Teller Windows with Cleaner Designs, Hardened Exteriors

Addressing the physical security of financial institutions means more than just installing secure doors and transaction...

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Pass Through Window Security: How to Pick Package Receivers/Passers

We know not everything will fit through a mail slot. And an open, pass-through window? That’s often not an option. In...

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