What Kind of Bulletproof Transaction Window Should I Choose for My Healthcare Facility?

Healthcare is one of the most dangerous fields—and violence rates have only grown since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Intake areas are particularly vulnerable; bulletproof transaction windows are a practical way to protect staff from gun violence without compromising functionality.

In this blog, we review the different styles of transaction windows and factors to consider when you are ready to choose a style. 

What Kinds of Bulletproof Transaction Windows Are Available?

We manufacture six main styles of bullet-resistant transaction windows. All of these styles are customizable based on your unique needs. Reception areas are some of the most common areas that require bulletproof transaction window protection, in addition to the ER and hospital pharmacy. With the right style, each area will be secure and the barrier will blend in with its surroundings. 

Baffle Transaction Window 

Offset panes of bulletproof glass facilitate excellent sound transfer while remaining visually unobtrusive.

Hole and Backer Transaction Window

Traditional voice port with oversize backer makes communication easy; metal voice ports are also available. 

Arched Transaction Window

Similar to the hole and backer window, the arched style features a voice port and oversize oblong backer.

Sliding Transaction Window

Vertical or horizontal sliding windows are compatible with voice ports, making it a practical, easy-to-use addition.

Voice Transmission Transaction Window

Our most visually minimal option, our Aluminum Voice Around and Natural Voice Rail windows bounce sound around a single piece of bulletproof glazing.

Exterior Transaction Window

Specifically designed to withstand the elements, these windows feature a single pane of glass, metal voice ports, and are compatible with a variety of deal trays.

These six styles are the foundation of bulletproof transaction window designs. Because everything we do is made-to-order, we can create highly customized designs using a variety of accessories. Accessories are what make your ballistic transaction window functional. There are a variety of deal trays, package passers, drawers, and talk-thrus to choose from, based on your application. 


Plus, everything will be based on your unique needs, so you can trust you’re getting the right solution.  

Healthcare freestanding barrier

Factors That Influence Your Bulletproof Transaction Window Choices

Your unique needs are based on three factors:

1. Functionality

What items do you need to pass back and forth? Will you be discussing sensitive information? How important is it to have a clear line of sight between sides? Understanding the functions you need to prioritize most lets you identify which transaction window features might be right for you. For instance, a baffle or voice transmission window both offer a visually clear experience that often feels like there’s no barrier at all.  

A recessed deal tray is a good solution for passing relatively small items back and forth, but you may struggle with something larger and more rigid, like a clipboard. In these cases, you may want to consider a package passer, which can accommodate larger objects, or a combination of both accessories. 

2. Threat Level

Gun violence in hospitals and other medical centers is not limited to rural, urban, or suburban communities. Knowing what type of violence your community is particularly at risk of will inform your transaction window system. For instance, if you’d like to protect from handgun violence, choose a barrier with a UL Level of protection from 1-3. If you’re concerned about protecting from rifle fire, consider UL Levels 4 and up. Some of our products, like the Aluminum Voice Around transaction window or acrylic package passer, are only available in UL Levels 1-3. So if you’re facing a higher threat level, you’ll need a product that is available in a higher UL level of protection, like the arched backer transaction window, which is available in UL Levels 1-8, or the steel package passer. 

2. Aesthetics

Your transaction windows should blend into the environment they’re in. Ideally, the barrier should look like it belongs, with details complementing the existing architecture and design. Prioritizing aesthetics is more than a vanity project—when a barrier is visually appealing, your team can feel safe and comfortable coming to work without the sense of being barricaded in a bunker. 


A Ballistic Expert from TSS Can Help You Choose Your Bulletproof Transaction Window

At TSS, we’ve been helping healthcare facilities design visually pleasing barrier systems for years and are ready to help you secure your facility. Our ballistic experts can help you understand your essential functions, threat level, and aesthetic needs. We also offer nationwide installation so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

To learn more about our transaction windows or get started designing your healthcare facility’s transaction window, please send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!

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