Transaction Window Product Feature: The Roxbury Window

A high level of customization is one of the advantages to working with TSS—which is exactly what a large Federal government agency was looking for when they approached TSS with a transaction window project opportunity.

After an incident at their location in Roxbury, Massachusetts, the client decided to protect their staff by adding a layer of security to offices nationwide. In collaboration with interior designers, the TSS team developed a unique transaction window that checked every box on the client's list of specific needs. The resulting product is a highly effective, unique transaction window— the Roxbury window, named after the location that had been attacked. 

In this blog, we discuss the history of the Roxbury window and how you can benefit from TSS’ customization capabilities. 


The Roxbury Window: A Customized Transaction Window

The client's offices needed a particular transaction window design for their office locations across the country. This transaction window needed to have superior voice transmission, as clients could discuss personal information without raising their voice or risk of misunderstanding office staff. The windows also needed to be rated for forced entry to prevent someone from attacking through the glass. Finally, they needed to have the ability to pass documents between the secure and threat sides. Occasionally, the documents included a small translation device attached to the clipboard.

Before working with TSS, the client was building custom windows for each location. This meant that each branch had a different window. With TSS, they were able to bring their specific design needs to the table and customize the product. We started with a vertical baffle window, making design tweaks to improve the quality of natural sound transfer. Baffle windows are made from five pieces of glazing. Two panes of glazing with a gap in the middle and another piece of glazing that’s wider than the opening is set back from the gap, allowing sound to pass through to the other side. Two pieces of glazing between these layers are attached to the wall on either side of the gap to help bounce sound effectively between the secure and threat side. However, the gap between all these pieces is too small to allow anyone to reach through. Typically, that set-back piece of glazing is on the secure side. However, the client's workers use standing desks, and the protruding vertical baffle panel would prevent the desk from lifting into a standing position. 

Roxbury window by desk

Transforming a Standard Baffle Window Into a Roxbury Window

To solve this problem, we flipped the baffle window design, moving the window baffle to the threat side of the glass. The transaction window was now flush with the wall on the staff side, allowing workers to use their desks without interference. This subtle redesign also created the Roxbury window’s signature design feature! 

Throughout the redesign process, we paid special attention to the sound quality; voice transmission needed to be as natural and unrestricted as possible. So, in addition to flipping the location of the baffle panel, we made small changes to enhance sound transfer quality. The results not only exceeded the client’s expectations for sound transfer, but resulted in one of our highest-performing products across the board. 

Other design features include impact-rated glazing and  a special cutout to accommodate document transfer. The client couldn’t have been more pleased with the final design, so today you can find Roxbury windows in action in our client's offices across the country. 

Create Custom Bullet-Resistant Transaction Windows With TSS 

The Roxbury window is a highly specialized product that’s designed to fit perfectly in our client's offices. If you need a highly-specific design for your space, but don’t see exactly what you need on our website, that’s no problem. We are always happy to work with you to refine and develop a solution that meets your needs, no matter how niche or specific. This includes glazing with forced entry ratings in addition to our usual bulletproofing options. It’s not often that these projects cross our desks, but when they do, we’re ready to help. To learn more about our design and fabrication capabilities, reach out to us

TSS Is Proud to Help You Protect What Matters Most

To learn more about Roxbury windows, transaction windows, or our other offerings, send us a message or give our team a call at 800.513.1468. We look forward to speaking with you!


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