The Best Bulletproof Transaction Windows for Ticket Offices

When you’re planning your ticket line security, the golden rule of bulletproofing applies: the “best” transaction window is one that meets your unique security and usability needs, not some generic solution that works great for someone else. 

Key Factors to Determine the Best Transaction Window for Your Ticket Office

There are four key factors to consider when selecting a transaction window:

  1. Level of bulletproof protection: Legitimate bullet-resistant materials and components will be tested to the UL 752 Standard for Bulletproof Materials. Many venues prefer Level 1 through Level 3 transaction windows for their ticket offices, which can stop multiple shots from most handguns.
  2. Location: The location of your transaction window will determine which type of bulletproof glass you can use. If it’s indoors and away from the elements, you can use acrylic, polycarbonate, or glass-clad polycarbonate (GCP). If it’s outdoors, your best option is GCP. We recommend GCP for many different applications because it gives you good protection at a reasonable thickness. It offers better shatter-resistance and forced-entry protection, and can be specially ordered with various features.
  3. Communication: Being able to speak and be understood is central to ticket window operations. Many venues end up being happier with natural voice communication rather than intercoms. However, if there is a lot of background noise, an intercom will provide consistent voice transmission. If you’re not sure which option is best for your situation, our ballistic experts can provide you with reliable advice.
  4. How you’ll use the ticket window: Do you need to exchange tickets, cash, wristbands, or other items? A deal tray or passer is a small detail that has a huge impact on the customer experience and worker satisfaction when passing things back and forth. The wrong currency tray lets in weather and creates unnecessary hassles during transactions.

We are happy to discuss your ticket window options with you. We’ll learn more about your situation and make recommendations based on your needs

Six Types of Transaction Windows for Ticket Offices

TSS offers six types of transaction windows for ticket offices. While these are standard styles, TSS specializes in custom work, so we can customize any of these to suit your specific ticket window needs.

1. Baffle Transaction Window

The baffle transaction window is among TSS’ most popular models, especially for indoor use. Baffle windows use offset pieces of GCP, eliminating the need for a talk thru or backer. This allows for natural sound transfer, zero visual obstruction, good airflow, and a clean look. The staggered glazing baffles deny attackers a shooting lane, but doesn't muffle speech or strain HVAC.

Baffle Transaction Window-1

2. Arched Transaction Window

The arched transaction window is very similar to the baffle design. The arched transaction window also uses staggered GCP to protect workers without impeding airflow or conversation. In some settings, workers find the voice transmission slightly better with an arched transaction window, but usually the choice comes down to aesthetics, rather than functionality.

TSS_Arched Transaction Window

3. Hole-and-Backer Transaction Window

The hole-and-backer is a classic ticket office transaction window for a reason. TSS’ model features a large 6” voice port and oversized 10” backer. This ensures easy communication with excellent voice transmission and full-face visibility. In outdoor applications, you may prefer an optional steel talk-thru port instead of the clear backer for more protection from weather.

TSS_Speak Hole and Backer Transaction Window

4. Exterior Transaction Windows

The exterior transaction window is an even more rugged version of the traditional hole-and-backer, and is ready for the most exposed, harshest exterior applications. Specifically designed for outdoor conditions, this window has a solid frame, weatherable GCP glazing, and modified steel voice port for secure communication with additional weatherproofing. Exterior transaction windows for ticket offices often use protected flip-lid cash trays. This keeps out both the weather and eager hands, in addition to keeping the breeze from snatching tickets, receipts, or loose cash.

TSS_Exterior Transaction Window


5. Sliding Transaction Window

Sliding transaction windows are less common for ticket windows, unless workers need to pass items back and forth through the window. Sliding transaction windows are available as either vertical or horizontal sliders, and usually rely on hole-and-backer voice ports.

TSS_Horizontal Sliding Transaction Window

6. Aluminum Voice Around (AVA) and Natural Voice Rail (NVR)

AVA and NVR transaction windows are for interior applications. They use all-metal frames outfitted with secure air passages throughout the entire frame. This presents solid construction and a bullet-resistant rated frame, but permits free air and voice flow through the barrier. The result is an understated window that easily fades into the background. The glazing is a single piece with no cuts, backers, or baffles. 

TSS_AVA Transaction WindowTSS_NVR Transaction Window


TSS Will Help You Find the Bulletproof Ticket Window Solution That Meets Your Needs

The “best” transaction window for ticket offices is one that meets your security and usability needs. Natural voice communication is almost always at the heart of that. All standard TSS transaction windows rely on natural voice transmission, as opposed to intercoms. As TSS CEO Jim Richards explains: “I’ve been doing this for decades, and still don’t like intercoms. Yes, we sell them, because in some situations it’s absolutely what a customer needs. But there is constant tweaking with them, potential issues with crosstalk and static interference. There’s just more that can go wrong. In that regard, they are a little less predictable, which can end up being really annoying to the end user.”

If you need to secure your venue’s ticket counters, please don’t wait to reach out to us. Your security is our priority. We can work with you, your facility manager, and your timeline to create a bulletproof product that meets your needs and protects what matters most. Contact our ballistic security experts to learn more about creating and installing your ideal transaction or ticket window.

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