The Anatomy of a Bullet Proof Transaction Window

 Bullet Proof Transaction Windows are the most common item of protection when it comes to bullet resistant products. At a glance they seem very simple; it’s just a piece of bullet resistant acrylic and some frames right? In theory that would be a good analogy but in actuality there are a lot of components that go in to engineering and ultimately building a transaction window. Depending on if you’re looking at a Baffle System, an Arched Voice Port or a Hole in Backer System the amount of work that goes in to each transaction window to make it secure is anything but simple.

Bullet Resistant Transaction Window

Arched Voice Port Bullet Resistant Transaction Window

Starting from the ground up we begin with the counter top that transaction windows often have. The counter top is the foundation for the entire window and they come in two standard forms. The most common counter top material is plastic laminate, which can be provided in a number of different colors. The other is stainless steel. Stainless steel counter tops are often used in exterior applications and upon customer request. After the counter top is constructed then the currency tray must be either cut in or placed on top of the counter to allow money to pass between customers and employees. Most of our currency trays are recessed in to the counter top. Next comes the framing for the transaction window. Attached to the counter top is either a U channel bracket or 2 piece channel to secure the counter and window together along with pieces of 2 piece channel along the sides and top to hold the bullet proof glass in place.

Before the bullet proof glass is put in place the determination of what type of voice transmission needs to be decided. If you have chosen a baffle system, arched voice port or voice around then this is already decided; however other voice port systems are available such as the hole in backer, MK1 and MK2. Now that the counter top, frames and voice transmission system are chosen we move on the most important piece, the Bullet Proof Glass. Most transaction windows come with a level one bullet resistant 1 ¼” acrylic, however there are many other options for levels of protection. Bullet proof Glass Clad polycarbonate is available in transaction windows from bullet resistant levels 1-3 as well as polycarbonate materials. Level three LP1250 contains two 1/8th layers of polycarbonate sandwiched around an inch of bullet resistant acrylic. LP1250 offers great transparency along with a high level of protection.

There are many other transaction windows that are available such as bullet proof horizontal sliders and exterior transaction windows that can be installed in your place of business. For more information on transaction windows visit our products section of our website.

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