Protecting Police K9s With Bulletproof Vests

Police dogs, or K9s, perform dangerous tasks in the line of duty, yet they aren’t issued K9 bulletproof vests like many...

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The Increasing Need to Protect Police Stations from Active Shooters

The public is conditioned to assume that police stations are safe from active shooter events and other threats.This...

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National Blue Alert System Adoption Slowed By Lack of Funding

In 2016, firearms related-incidents claimed the lives of 64 police officers — a significant spike from the previous...

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Scientists Unveil Repairable Transparent Bulletproof Armor

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) continues to make remarkable breakthroughs in the development of bulletproof...

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Today’s Police Body Armor: Overt, Lighter, Smaller.

As domestic threats continue to increase, so does the need for better protection for law enforcement officers (LEOS)....

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More Police Stations Offering Locations for Safe Internet Trades

While summer garage sales are alive and well, many people prefer the convenience of selling their outgrown baby...

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