clear glass barrier in gas station

Working with Bulletproof Acrylic Glass: Three Tips for Glazers, Contractors, and Installers

Most ballistic security barriers you work on will rely on bulletproof acrylic glass, either on its own, or as part of a...

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Right Ballistic Glass, Wrong Bulletproof Tint? Understanding Visual Variations in Ballistic Glass

Over the last several years, the demand for ballistic glazing has surged. The diversity of products on offer has...

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School Security Solutions: Planning Ballistic Barriers for School Entryways

As of summer 2023, new legislation in eight states mandates increased school security, including ballistic security. In...

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Bulletproof Glass for Schools in 2023

School safety and security remain a top concern for parents and children. A Gallup poll released one year ago placed...

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Physical Security Trends: What's the Future of Ballistic Security?

Recent industry reporting has noted that the global market for bulletproof security glass is expected to double by...

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Two men speaking near bulletproof barrier display

AIA ‘23 Recap: Promoting Education and Safety in San Francisco

Team TSS was thrilled to connect with architects from across the country at the 2023 American Institute of Architects...

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