low angle shot of city building

Four Misconceptions About Bulletproof Building Security

Jim Richards has spent decades securing buildings with ballistic materials. He and his team at Total Security Solutions...

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UL 752, NIJ, and ASTM: Popular Bulletproofing Standards Explained

UL, ASTM, and NIJ are the three most commercially referenced organizations that have published standards for ballistic...

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Three Best Practices for Ballistic Guard Booths

Until a few years ago, ballistic guard booths were mostly found only at government offices and military installations....

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gas station counter with clear bulletproof window

Maintain Communication and Visibility with Bulletproof Cashier Windows

Despite embracing new loss prevention, asset protection, and safety measures, many retailers still reported having to...

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School Security Solutions: Planning Ballistic Barriers for School Entryways

As of summer 2023, new legislation in eight states mandates increased school security, including ballistic security. In...

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Five Tips for Writing Successful School Safety Grants

Comprehensive, effective security upgrades are often expensive—especially for schools operating on a limited budget....

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