Building a Bulletproof Storefront

Bulletproof storefronts have quickly become the first line of defense at many types of businesses (not just stores), and for good reason. They’re large, complex projects that protect from stray bullets and armed intruders, and integrate with existing security features. 

If you’re worried about gun violence or having control over who enters your space, you’ll likely benefit from having a bulletproof storefront in place. In this blog, we outline the steps for getting started building one. 

What Is a Bulletproof Storefront?

A bulletproof storefront is a protected building entrance. They integrate bulletproof materials into the existing architecture, protecting the interior from stray bullets and armed intruders and increasing levels of access control. 

There are three key components to Total Security Solutions bulletproof storefront:

  • Bulletproof doors: The most popular choice is bulletproof aluminum doors, although you can choose the door style based on your building architecture.
  • Bulletproof windows: Glass-clad polycarbonate (GCP) ballistic glass is a good choice for bulletproof storefronts.
  • Bulletproof frames: Ballistically-rated aluminum frames hold the windows and doors in place and prevent bullets from penetrating the frame.

Together, these form a wall of windows that add visual appeal and protection from bullets.

Get Started Building a Bulletproof Storefront in 4 Steps

Bulletproof storefront entrance projects bring together many security and building elements. This makes them an effective security feature, but a complex project. 

Total Security Solutions has spent decades designing, engineering, fabricating, and installing bulletproof storefronts. In that time, we have developed a reliable four-part process to ensure there are no delays, security gaps, or unexpected hiccups during a project. Here’s how we take your project from concept to completion. 

Step #1: Establish System Size

Every project starts by establishing the system size. This includes the height and length of the bulletproof storefront and the number of doors. You can take these measurements, or we can send a team who can take the measurements for you—especially if your bulletproof storefront system is particularly large or complex.

Step #2: Establish Protection Level

Next, we’ll establish what kind of bulletproof protection you need. Our ballistic barrier products are tested to UL Levels 1 through 8, which offer protection from handguns to rifles, depending on the level. Our experienced team can walk you through the process of deciding which level of protection is right for you. Most TSS bulletproof storefronts meet UL Level 3 security standards, which can stop multiple shots from the most common types of handguns. Depending on the materials and design, a Level 3 system may also provide protection against blasts and attempts to enter the building by force.

Step #3: Identify any Structural Issues That Would Impact Project Planning

In most cases, a building entryway is not load-bearing. This makes the project installation straightforward and easy to plan. But when the building entryway is load-bearing, this can pose a big challenge to some builders when they go to install the new bulletproof system. Identifying these potential pitfalls ahead of time will help you choose the right contractor for the job—and if you’d rather rely on someone with extensive experience handling complex bulletproof system installation, we can install your system for you. 

Step #4: Define Performance and Functional Needs

As with any ballistic barrier, a bulletproof storefront needs to be functional for the people working in that environment. If the barrier gets in the way of people doing their jobs, they won’t use it—putting themselves and others at risk. When you work with TSS, we’ll get to know you, your business, and what people need to get work done. We’ll design a ballistic barrier that integrates into your space  and your existing security systems without creating more headaches for you or your employees.

Build Your Bulletproof Storefront with TSS

For the last 30 years, Total Security Solutions has been helping businesses keep employees and customers safe without compromising their building’s aesthetics. 

In the past, entryway security was often unattractive. It required thick glass and bulky metal framing. The end result was often less than appealing, signaling to some customers that they were entering an unsafe environment. TSS is passionate about designing beautiful ballistic systems. We can usually replace an unprotected entrance with a bulletproof storefront that looks almost exactly like the original. Your team will know they’re protected, but clients, customers, and other visitors won’t notice a thing.

We Can Handle Your Bulletproof Storefront Project From Start to Finish

TSS comes in from the start ready to handle the entire project from start to finish. We regularly work with businesses at every stage, from design to final clean-up. TSS can handle the entire installation without disrupting your business, or work closely with the local contractors of your choice. With decades of experience in ballistic security and design, TSS knows how to help you avoid unnecessary hassles and headaches—even with a large or complex project. 

Contact us and tell us about your concerns and what you need. We’ll talk through your options and have a proposal ready in a couple of days. We look forward to speaking with you!   

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