[VIDEO] Tips for Choosing Bulletproof Drywall & Ballistic Panels

Ballistic panels, or “bulletproof drywall”, add an extra layer of protection to your ballistic barrier project. In this...

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[VIDEO] Designing Physical Security for Healthcare Facilities

Designing physical security for healthcare facilities is a delicate balancing act. Safety and privacy are significant...

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Law enforcement center

TSS Customization Gives Ballistic Barrier Buyers the Advantage

Total Security Solutions started out making custom bullet-resistant glass windows in 2004. They've since delivered more...

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Choosing the Best Front Doors for Security: Your Custom Security Doors Options

Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards has often noted that “custom security doors are a lot more common than you...

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Optically Clear Aluminum Provides Bulletproof Protection

If the idea of a clear metal sounds straight out of science fiction, you’d be right – sort of. The first time most...

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The Benefits of Ballistic Polycarbonate

On a weekly basis, we see lives and property lost, not just to bombs and bullets, but also to raging wildfires,...

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When should laminated glass be used in ballistic security systems?

Laminated glass is a term dating back over a century, but many people don’t realize how much this layered safety glass...

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