Maintain Communication and Visibility with Bulletproof Cashier Windows

Despite embracing new loss prevention, asset protection, and safety measures, many retailers still reported having to change in-store product selection, reduce operating hours, or close store locations altogether in response to in-store crime. For these store owners, physical safety was a core concern: More than half of owners increased their efforts to prepare and train employees to reduce and respond to workplace violence.

Crime prevention through environmental design uses a structural approach to security by changing layout, lighting, landscaping, and other aspects to limit opportunities and avenues for criminal activity. This tactic is something we’ve long advocated for, and ballistic barriers are a natural aspect of this approach.

Organize Your Store to Deter Crime

The top three most important factors to criminals in making a choice to rob a specific store location include:

  • The amount of money they could obtain
  • Having an easy escape route
  • Preserving their anonymity

One way to make your location less appealing to rob is by preserving a clear sightline. To start, remove window signage, position the cash register in clear view of the outside, and arrange shelving to maximize sightlines. 

Seeing the customer clearly allows businesses to increase rapport and build trust. Greeting every visitor warmly and with eye contact makes them feel valued and ensures potential troublemakers know they’ve been noticed.

Choose Bulletproof Cashier Windows with a High Degree of Visibility

Bulletproof barriers between your staff and the customers add an additional layer of protection. Your bulletproof barrier should enhance your crime prevention through environmental design efforts, not set them back. That’s why a clear barrier with excellent sound transmission is so important.

Unfortunately, if glaziers aren’t familiar with bulletproof barrier design options, it can lead to a less-than-ideal outcome. For example, rather than engineering a system to use large pieces of unbroken ballistic glass, they'll piece their barrier together with smaller bulletproof windows.

“They end up with frames and framing everywhere. Instead of putting big pieces of glass in, they’ll split everything up with verticals,” Jim Richards, the CEO of Total Security Solutions, observes.

Multiple small panes of glass distort and interrupt sightlines. Jim and his team always minimize framing for the cleanest look. A helpful design choice is to rely on operable sliders during busy hours when the threat level is low. Staff can open the slider and serve customers hassle-free. After dark or during other higher-risk periods, they can lock the sliders down.

Project Highlight: High-Visibility Bulletproof Teller Windows Protect Convenience Store Staff

A regional chain of mid-sized convenience stores needed bulletproof window systems at several locations. Every store had one long counter area and twelve-foot ceilings. They needed a thin-profile bulletproof window system that preserved counter space and gave maximum visibility to showcase high-value retail items kept behind the counter. 

Some glazers would approach this with smaller, prefabricated bulletproof windows patched together. However, this approach would have limited visibility and communication. TSS took a different approach—we installed a ballistic acrylic barrier at counter level and a non-rated, acrylic panel near the ceiling. 

The resulting system is attractive, easy to use, and provides maximum safety. It’s the type of solution that makes sense based on their unique needs. 

Promote Safety + Aesthetics with Total Security Solutions

If your business is looking for a bulletproof barrier that makes doing business easy, don’t wait to give us a call. We can help you design a bulletproof barrier that aids in crime deterrence without compromising safety. Contact our ballistic security experts if you have questions or want to get started with a specific project.   

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