Are Wood Doors Bulletproof?

No. Regardless of what you’ve seen in a movie, a wood door won’t stop a bullet. That is, unless you’ve invested in...

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The Best Bulletproof Transaction Windows for Ticket Offices

When you’re planning your ticket line security, the golden rule of bulletproofing applies: the “best” transaction window

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Can You Hear Through Bulletproof Glass?

Bulletproof glass is very thick, which can make it difficult to hear someone speaking on the other side. Fortunately,...

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glass office building exterior

TSS Bends the Rules to Meet a Government Client’s Tight Deadline

Good customer service means knowing when to push yourselves to help a client out. TSS did just that recently, when a ...

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Red Flags and Green Flags When Choosing a Bulletproof Barrier Partner

Whether you’re hiring a contractor or a caterer, if you have the feeling that they’re overpromising, they don’t...

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wall of bulletproof windows

Can You Keep Your Window Frames When Replacing Windows With Bulletproof Glass?

You don’t necessarily need bulletproof frames when installing bullet-resistant glass. But not every type of bulletproof...

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