line of bathroom sinks

Corporate Safe Room Solution: Bulletproof Bathrooms

Conference and huddle rooms are the most common spaces that we convert to safe rooms. But they aren’t necessarily the...

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UL 752, NIJ, and ASTM: Popular Bulletproofing Standards Explained

UL, ASTM, and NIJ are the three most commercially referenced organizations that have published standards for ballistic...

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Three Best Practices for Ballistic Guard Booths

Until a few years ago, ballistic guard booths were mostly found only at government offices and military installations....

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silver aluminum and glass door

Customer Success Story: Adding Ballistic Storefront Systems to 5 Schools

After the 2023 school shooting in Nashville, a Virginia school system decided to harden the security in five of their...

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Your First Bulletproof System: Planning, Production, and Installation

If you're planning your first bulletproof system, think through these five questions before speaking with a...

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