TSS Engineering Manager

TSS Provides Unparalleled Support for Architects, Glaziers, and Contractors

If you operate in the world of ballistic security, you know there are no shortages of demands. Tight deadlines and...

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[VIDEO] What to Look For in Bulletproof Window Installers

Unfortunately, not all bulletproofing manufacturers have experience with installing bullet-resistant materials. This is...

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Law enforcement center

TSS Customization Gives Ballistic Barrier Buyers the Advantage

Total Security Solutions started out making custom bullet-resistant glass windows in 2004. They've since delivered more...

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Ballistic rated versus forced entry

Forced-Entry and Ballistic-Rated Glass: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to the verbiage of the physical security world, it’s easy to be confused. You might know the end goal of...

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GSX 2022 Recap

In the midst of a busy trade show season, the Global Security Exchange (GSX) certainly stands out as one of our...

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